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Alright, I wasn't sure where to put this but I figured this was a safe bet. If this is in the wrong forum, please redirect me to the correct forum and I will delete and repost in the correct location.

I've had this idea for awhile to create a couple of chessboards 40k style for my two brothers (one an avid painter/player and the other wishes he had the time to be both). The idea is to use two square pieces of wood (undetermined type of wood let's go with plyboard for now) one larger 14 inch x 14 inch piece on the bottom and a smaller 12x12 piece on top of that to create a tiered effect to the board. I would then fill in that tiered corner with Styrofoam or something equally light to make it a sloped edge on which i could apply gravel/grass/sand terrain and stick miscellaneous pieces of figured in to make a battlefield look to it. The tiles themselves I want to make 1.5 inch squares and be decorated with sigils of whatever army starts on that side of the board (Chaos symbols, Symbols of the Imperium, Craftworld sigils and so on) depending on what armies my brothers decide to have against each other. The pieces themselves would then be assorted miniatures with the pawns being cultists, guardsmen, scouts, guardians, so on and so forth.

Now that I've given you the idea, I've really only got one issue (other than money bc this is obviously going to be a bit expensive). Does anyone know where i could find an outline or already premade tiles with the sigils on them? It isn't exactly a common item but I figured if anyone would know where to find them it'd be the hordes of 40k fans on the forums :good: Also, if anyone has some ideas on this that they think would look good or any improvements to my current plan I welcome them.

I intend for them to be Christmas gifts but probably more like NEXT year's Christmas so no rush. I know its a long post but I appreciate any constructive responses and the time you took to read and respond :grin:
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