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Hello fellow gamers,

I was searching the forums, and found this as a Columbus Ohio location so hopefully this message finds ohio gamers in the columbus area.

I am from Athens Ohio, and have been playing 40k since I was about 15 years. Our local gaming shop burned up this summer and we are putting on a charity 40k tourney this Saturday, sept. 29th at the guard tower.

The prize is a fully painted tyranid army, very well painted at that, donated by one of our gamers, and the guard tower has been nice enough to host for us.

If anyone is free and would like to play for a chance for a full bug army with case, PLEASE send me an email at [email protected] and I will get you pics of the army. I may be in town tommorow night with the army and some registration sheets as well. The registration is 30$, winner gets the army.

I know that this is really short notice, but if you have any interest, please drop me a line.

Thanks all
Jonah Mullins
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