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40K Campaign Weekend - SVA 7

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Spiky Club are running a 40K campaign weekend over the 5th and 6th of May, in Reading (UK). This will feature five games at 1500 points, all for the bargain price of fifteen pounds.

The rules pack is available here, and if you have any questions, drop them into this thread, or PM me

Hope to see you there![/url]
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stompzilla said:
Mate, i'd LOVE to come but bloody work are sending me to the USA..... :(

Sorry guys.
Well that sucks - still, a nice trip out to the US, there are worse ways to spend your days
Jezlad said:
I think i'll be aboe to come along spikeydavid. Reading is only round the M25. Hopefully Jigplums will be free that weekened. If not I could drag a few of the Warhounds along. Ragnar_Burmane and ccp_one will probably be up for it.
Sounds good - let me know how many you're bringing and I'll set aside those places
royemunson said:
Will be at Oxford club on monday will rally the troops!.
Thanks - it wouldn't be SVA without a decent showing from Oxford :)

Well, two weeks to go, and I'm still scabbing around for players. We're reasonably plump, but there's still spaces, and the more players for something like this, the better it runs.

With that in mind, anyone out there interested in five games of 40K, in a nice laid-back atmosphere, in Reading, all for fifteen pounds?

PM me for more details, or drop a comment in this thread
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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