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Link: Warhammer 40,000 Cadian Officer
Fund Goal: $84,706
Currently funded: NO
End Date: Nov 5th
The first ever officially licensed Warhammer 40,000 Astra Militarum Cadian Officer produced in 1:6th Scale.
As long time fans of Warhammer 40k we have always had a fascination with the uniforms and equipment on each of Games Workshop's Astra Militarum miniature game figures. Throughout the years we have always wondered "what would they look like in full scale?". If you have ever asked yourself that question, the answer is finally here and you can now find out! The great thing about producing figures in 1:6th scale is that it allows us to upscale and downscale items to what they would look like in the full scale albeit at 30cms tall. Some of you will be new to the world of 1:6th scale collecting so we have provided the below image to give you an idea what we're talking about. With this being a licensed product, Games Workshop has been fully immersed in this project since concept and throughout prototyping, With their creative team viewing, making recommendations and approving each and every part throughout this process, you can be sure that what we produce will be produced to Games Workshop specifications and will give Warhammer 40K fans and collectors a collectable figure that is a faithful representation of an Astra Militarum Cadian Officer.

All resin parts on the figure have been designed by our own 3d Designer who has worked on many off our figures and accessories. He has previously worked on other licenses designing collectables based on major Hollywood productions. When it comes to 3D design you wont find better than him.

1 x Officer's headsculpt with bionic eye
1 x Officer's hat
1 x Neck gorget
1 x Chest and back armour
1 x Left & right shoulder armour
1 x Belt and buckle
1 x Trousers (Pants)
1 x Jacket
1 x Chainsword
1 x Las pistol and removable magazine
1 x Las pistol holster
1 x Las pistol magazine pouch
1 x Spare Las pistol magazine (fits in Las pistol magazine pouch)
1 x Water canteen
1 x Water canteen pouch
1 x Bayonet
1 x Bayonet sheath
2 x Grenades
1 x Pair of leather boots
1 x Set of ankle putties complete with armour
2 x Pairs of hands (for holding a multitude of weapons)

OP Note:
Bit expensive at $235 per figure. Hoping that if a success that future prices will be lower. Looks REALLY good. Plenty of little add-on items included (see above)
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