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Space marines ( 13th Legion/ Ultramarines chapter), tyranids, Drukhari, Custodes, SoS,
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Hi all,

I have a 4k game coming up facing an opponent with a tank-themed SM force, with a knight allied attachment.

Unfortunately I do not have any GCs at the moment to combat the knight, but this is my thought when facing the foe with several tanks and a whole ton of marines: (please not this is all I have atm, so am limited in terms of variability)

Flyrant: T/L Devourer and Hive commander
The Swarmlord!
Tyranid Prime- deathspitter & Norn Crown
Tervigon with crushing claws.

Formation: Endless Swarm
Termie squad 1: 30 gants, 10 devourers
Termie Sqd 2: same as above
Termie Sqd 3: 30 gants: 5 Devourers, 8 Spinefists
Hormagaunt Sqd 1: 15 gaunts
Hormie Sqd 2: 15 gaunts
Hormie Sqd 3: 17 gaunts- all hormies with adrenal glands

Genestealers x15 (& Broodlord): Scything talons on all.
Rippers (3 sqds of 5): all with deep strike and spinefists
Warriors: 3 squads of 3, . 6 deathspitters, 3 barbed stranglers
1x Lictor
Zoanthrope brood (3 in brood). Considering upgrading one to neurothrope: thoughts?
1x venomthrope
Ravenor Brood: deathspitters
Gargoyles (x10)
9x spore mines (1 cluster)
Trygon prime with Ymgarl factor, prehensile pincer and regeneration

Formation: Carnifex crusher brood (x3)
1st: Stranglethorn cannon, Bio plasma, Crushing claws and regeneration
2nd: Heavy Venom cannon, scything talons, Bio plasma and regeneration
3rd: T/L Devourer with brainleech worms, scything talongs, bio plasma and regeneration

from my reckoning i should be bang on points, if not close. Where would it be worthwhile investing/ removing points in the list?

As always thoughts, opinions are welcome.

Cheers :)

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Space marines ( 13th Legion/ Ultramarines chapter), tyranids, Drukhari, Custodes, SoS,
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After much tinkering (and with a little help from the codex and Battlescribe) my list stands as this:

Hive Tyrant, electroshock grubs, twin linked devourers with brainleech worms, wings, hive commander
Tervigon: stinger salvo, electroshock grubs crushing claws, regeneration, norn crown
Tyranid prime: Deathspitter, scything talons

Formation: Endless swarm
3 squads of 30 termies: 1st: 20 fleshborers, 10 devourers; 2nd: 20 fleshborers, 10 devourers; 3rd: 5 devourers, 8 spinefists, 17 fleshborers
3 squads of hormagaunts: 2 squads of 15, 1 of 17. All with adrenal glands
2 ripper swarms- 7 bases in each, with spinefists and deep strike
1 genestealer brood. Broodlord, 15 genestealers with scything talons
3 tyranid warrior brood. 2 deathspitters, 1 barbed strangler in each.
1 lictor
Zoanthrope brood: 3 zoanthropes
1 venomthrope
Gargoyle brood: 10 gargoyles
3 ravenors with devourers
spore mine cluster: 5 spore mines
Spore mine cluster: 4 spore mines
Trygon prime: bioelectric pulse with containment spines, prehensile pincer, The ymgarl factor, regeneration
Formation: Carnifex crusher brood (3 fexes)
1st: Stranglethron cannon, crushing claws, regeneration, bio plasma
2nd: Heavy venom cannon, scything talons, regeneration, bio plasma
3rd: twin linked devourer with brainleech worms, scything talons, regeneration, bio plasma, spine banks

Thats 4000points. Thoughts?

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