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What no Cultists?

Your squads come in at 128pts each, so 384pts at the moment.
It all seems fine if not a little bland, the Power Fists seem wasted coupled with Autocannons your only going to use one at a time so points are wasted each turn (Squads should have one job and do it well, IMO).

Why not go Plasmagun,Heavy Bolter for 15pts per squad so you can deal with horde and power armoured foes to give you a bit more adaptibilty. You could possibly squeeze a Kai Gun in on a Asp Champ instead of two of the power fists but it could be risky.

Cultist are name of the game for this lot (I have 3 squads of 20 in my Alpha legion but normally play 1500pts upwards.)
For 146pts you could have 20 of the blighters Inc Champ with power sword all with MOCU and frag. Then choose the Culitsts skill to suit your mood or mission for each game.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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