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4 different Primarchs

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Hello everyone,
we have already painted 4 different Primarchs and once again we want to ask you which one do you like better. Consider both painting and your personal favourites ;)





Which one is the best ;)? Let us know.
If you want to check more of our paintings then take a look at our website and faceebok page ;).
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For the quality of models and sculpting I've seen from GW, the Vulkan model is trash. The arm position is really loose. And while it is technically good I'm not a fan of the painting either but that is my personal style - the green is too green and more 40k Salamanders. Sorry. And the skin comes across too light. This not a criticism of your pajnting, more my preferences in colours - I love your style, just prefer slightly different colours.

I much prefer the other three, but Lorgar is outstanding. By far my favourite Primarch model and the way you painted that gold really does it for me.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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