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4 Baneblades!!!

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I was at an apocalypse game like, 2 weeks ago. It was xenos vs the other guys and they had 4 baneblades! 4! I was like "Holy shit!"
though xenos won because it was made up of mainly nids though there were plenty of orks, I would say 2000 points of orks. I'm not sure, but it was a fun game to watch.
I wish I had brought a camera with me. :(
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My old armored company had 25 basic tanks, Weismann's Baneblade, another forgeworld baneblade, an armorcast baneblade, a forgeworld stormblade, and an armorcast warhound titan. I sold/traded off the two non-weismann baneblades and the warhound within the last year though. But I fielded that all once, in an apocalypse-style game well before the actual rules came out. My opponents had two warhound titans and a necron pylon. It was a sick game that had to end well before a winner was decided, but it was all in great fun.

Man I miss that warhound, lol.
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