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4500 Pts - Dwarfs Roster

Thorek Ironbrow 505 pts - anvil of doom

The White Dwarf (With Warriors) 526 pts (General)

Thane (with Rangers) 135 pts Handwep/Sheild
(Master Rune of Swiftness; Rune of Fury x1)
(Rune of Brotherhood)

Thane (with Miners) 109 pts Greatwep
(Rune of Stone)
(Rune of Brotherhood; Rune of Luck x1)

Thane Banner (with Ironbreakers) 225 pts
(Battle Standard Bearer)
(Rune of Guarding; Rune of Slowness x1; Strollaz's Rune)

Dragon Slayer (with slayers) 125 pts
(Rune of Fury x3)

Rangers (20#, 375 pts)
Longbeards; Upgrade to Rangers; Full Command; Great Weapon; Throwing Axe; Scouts
1 Runic Standard (Rune of Slowness x1)

Dwarf Warriors (40#, 385 pts)
39 Dwarf Warriors ( Full Command; Shield)

Thunderers (10#, 140 pts)

Thunderers (10#, 140 pts)

Thunderers (10#, 140 pts)

Ironbreakers (20#, 340 pts)
19 Ironbreakers (Full Command)
1 Runic Standard (Master Rune of Grungni)

Miners (20#, 300 pts)
20 Miners (Full Command [w/ Steam Drill]; Blasting Charges)

Slayers (19#, 257 pts)
17 Slayers (Musician Mus; Standard)
2 Giant Slayers

Cannon (150 pts)
(Rune of Forging; Rune of Reloading)

Cannon (140 pts)
(Rune of Forging)

Bolt Thrower ( 100 pts)
(Master Rune of Skewering; Rune of Penetrating x1)

Organ Gun (120 pts)

Flame Cannon ( 140 pts)

Banner gives free move, Put Ironbreakers in middle with warriors and slayers on sides, with Ranger 12" away in front. Range and warmechines on wings. The anvil will be put in the back and be used to speed up the melee units.
i left the extra points for adding units please give feedback.

Total Roster Cost: 4352

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Those slayers are a huge points sink that will almost never make its point back. Unless against an army like Vampire counts with NO shooting. Where are your rules for the white dwarf coming from may I ask? Dwarven initiative is crap, so great weapons are a better choice IMO. I would drop the flame cannon, add another bolt thrower and throw some runes on for good measure. 20 Ironbreakers seems a little small for this points level, maybe instead of another bolt thrower drop the flame cannon for more ironbreakers. Hope that helps!
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