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4/5e 500pt starter army

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Got a friend currently working away who when he gets home wants to start his youngest on Retro-Hammer, he asked me to cook up Empiere and Undead 500 pt lists and go throw his boxes of models to assemble the armies so he can start the night he gets home., given the points limit we are allowing the use of Captains in place of generals, For the Empire Army I've gone with a "Black Powder & Halberds" theme.

Alderhoff Housecarls 497pts

Captain Sebastian Drake Von Alderhoff 106pts
Hero W/ Warhorse, Barding, Heavy Armor & Shield
and Banister Sword

Gunther Essen 91pts
Amatherst Wizard (L1) W/ Skull Staff

Alderhoff Dragoons 116pts
4 Pistoliers W/ Mounted Champion armed with 2 Repeater Pistols

Alderhoff Guards 90pts
10 Halberdiers W/ Light Armor

Alderhoff Musketeers 100pts
10 Handgunners W/Light Armor
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