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3X 20 point Cygnar lists

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List #1 thunder and hammer

Lord commander Stryker



List #2 Spear tip

Warcaster: same





List #3 Stormchargers.



2X Stormblades-10

Comments wanted. Rip them appart, nuke it, bomb it to hell, and piece them back together.
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I'm only just starting to feel my way around War Machine, so take what I say with a grain of salt :)

Firstly, I was under the impression that your warcaster added a number of points to your list to use on Warjacks. Striker should be adding in 6 points, so you can take 26 points in a "20 point" game. So you might have a few extra points to play around with :)

For your lists, your first list has two very good models in it, but I think that having only two models in a 20 point game will mean you'll be hugely outnumbered. I have a feeling that the Thunderhead might be best saved for at least 25 point games, so you can get a few more models on the table.

You're third list is interesting, though I think if you got the Officer for the stormblades, and perhaps a few of those weapon attachments they can get (storm gunners), they might become a very potent force. If I was right about you having a few extra points to spend, perhaps take one unit of upgraded storm blades, and swap out the other unit for another jack?

Anyway, like I said, very new to the game, but hopefully that might help somehow :)
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Ah, sorry, I should have explained :) your Warcaster is Free!

It works like this, you get a free Warcaster, and the amount that it mentions on the bottom of his card (+6 for stryker) is how many Bonus points you get, which can only be spent on Warjacks. It seems a bit odd, when you're used to GW games, but it's pretty easy once you get used to it. So, a 20 point game with striker would be:

Striker (gives 6 bonus points to spend on Warjacks)

Storm Clad (10)

Lancer (6)

1 unit of stormblades (10) (w/ 2 storm gunners and an officer & standard upgrade)

Total: 20 points (10+6+10-6)

In larger games (>75 points), you can have extra Warcasters, which can each control their own battle group and get their own bonus points, but for smaller games, only one Warcaster can be taken. Some Warcasters get more bonus points, some get less, just as part of the characters balance, but most get about 5-6 points. The bonus points can be spent however you like, as long as they go towards Warjacks - so as long as you have 6 points in Jacks in the army, just think of them as free points. Like I said, I'm still just as new to this as you are, but I'm pretty certain I've got it right :)

Now, have you decided to take the Lord Commander Stryker, or just Commander Stryker? they're just two variations on the same caster (with different models), and somewhat different abilities/stats. The "Epic" versions of casters aren't any more powerful, but play a bit differently - they're meant to show a caster at a different time in their story arc (In GW terms, think Tycho and Death Company Tycho :p). I personally think the normal Commander Stryker is pretty decent, and you get him in the starter set, if you happen to get that. You might have a bit more synergy with the storm blades too, as the normal Strykers abilites will help with ranged attacks from your storm blades.

[Edit: Also, I'd probably just stick with the Storm Clad, instead of the Centurion/Storm Caller. The Storm Callers effects seem like they would be hard to use, and you would probably need at least two of them to make it worthwhile, even with the Stormblades Officer helping out. Having a StormClad with free focus from the Accumulator would seem like a better option. If anything, see about fitting in a second heavy jack into your lists - an Ironside is relatively cheap, and can take (and give) a lot of punishment. It can also knock multiple enemies down with its special attack, which is a great bonus. Use it to take the charge from enemies, then knock them down and follow up with the rest of your forces.]
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This makes perfect sense... Well there is some odd feel to it what with space wolves and gw being firmly planted in my head but that should pass. Lol for now I will probably go with the simple commander version of Stryker as you said until I get a bit better at painting cygnar models and develop some skill with the game.

Thanks for all the help.

Edit: list revision.


Commander Stryker- -6(kinda)





Stormblades w/ 1 stormgunner and officer&standard upgrade-9

Yep, sounds good, though I have no experience running infantry as of yet. They seem a little more complex than Jacks, so you might need to have someone show you how they work, or take a careful look through the rule book (Infantry rules are only in the main rule book, the Quick Start rules only have Jacks). As DoA said, Infantry are paper - they die easily if you're not careful, but they can get a lot of attacks out there.

So, I borrowed a friends Cygnar book, and I'll try to give a few tips on what you have - it will help me understand how Cygnar work too, for when I go up against them :)

Storm Blades:

Firstly, you'll have decent range over your enemies. If you use Strykers "snipe" spell on your Stormblades, and keep them within 5" of the unit leader (for Electrical Arc rule), they'll have a 10" range with their normal shots, at Pow 14 - enough to really hurt even heavies. Most heavies can charge 7.5" (9" with a reach weapon), so with careful positioning, you should be able to get a round of shooting out in saftey. Your Storm Gunner will have 16" range and POW 16, and if he hits, other shots from his unit Autohit that target - so get those shots out first! With your standard Bearer, your attacks also get a 3" blast, when they directly hit! Blasts won't hurt Jacks much, but they can devastate infantry. When they get in close with the enemy, dispel Snipe on them, and try using Blur - the extra Def will keep them alive for a lot longer.


Unless you think your caster is threatened by something, I'd try putting the Arcane Shield on your Ironclad, and using it as bait. The extra armour will probably help him survive when he gets charged, but he'll still probably take quite a bit of damage. After that you can use his hammers special attack to try to knock down enemies, and move up with your Storm infantry to waste whatever came in - using the stormblade officers "Assault" rule will allow you to shoot AND melee when you charge - if you can charge with most of a unit, you'll devastate whatever you charge.


Keep it near the Stormblades, but (as DoA said), don't be afraid to charge off with it - the free focus isn't worth dying for. With 3 focus on it, it's storm Blade will rip into anything it charges, just be careful that it doesn't get charged itself. Remember it's "electoleap" rule, which will let you waste a few infantry, or perhaps put a little damage on a caster or solo hiding behind the front line.

Keep him safe and back, watch for assassination runs, or enemies trying to snipe him out. If he gets up near the front lines, use his Disruption pistol to keep one of the enemy heavies from getting any focus. The use of "Earthquake" at the right time can really mess with enemy plans.

Watch out for:
Enemy feats that would slow or stop your force - those Storm Blades are very vulnerable if the enemy can just walk up to them.

Units with thresher or other attacks that can rip into infantry.

Feats/abilities that will snipe out your caster. There are lots of spells/feats/units that ignore free strikes, and will allow enemies to just walk past your front line. Make sure to check your enemies cards to see what sort of shenanigans he can pull off, so you don't get caught with your pants down :p
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