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HQ = 670
Praetor, Paragon Blade, Boarding Shield, Meltabombs, Space Marine Bike with Twin-linked Bolters, Conversion Dissonator = 205pts
Centurion, Diabolist, Power Axe, Boarding Shield, Meltabombs = 115pts
Be'lakor = 350pts

Elites = 390
Gal Vorbak Dark Brethren, Two Power Mauls, Meltabombs, Artificer Armour = 235pts
Spined Chaos Beast, Daemon of Slaanesh = 155pts

Troops = 470
Tactical Squad, 4 Additional Marines = 190pts
Tactical Squad, 4 Additional Marines = 190pts
Plaguebearers of Nurgle = 90pts

Fast Attack = 895
Outrider Squad, 7 Additional Outriders, 4 Power Axes, Twin-linked Plasmaguns = 590pts
Primaris-Lightning Strike Fighter, Two Electromagnetic Storm Charges = 155pts
6 Screamers of Tzeentch = 150pts

Heavy Support = 575
Spartan Assault Tank, Auxiliary Drive, Armoured Ceramite, Flare Shield = 350pts
Seeker Cavalcade, 3 Exalted Seeker Chariots of Slaanesh = 225pts

= 3000pts on the dot.

Will be playing against 30K only lists, and we have a no-Lord of War houserule unless it's agreed beforehand. I'm intending to be running this during my Christmas campaign.

The Spartan is a bit distraction carnifex, but expensive and designed to soak up firepower, while hopefully shredding hull points from Armoured Vehicles while in return, Anti-tank bounces off it's effective AV15/16 front armour, and delivers the Gal Vorbak into the heart of the enemy army - where their 5 Preferred Enemy WS5 S5 Rending attacks each just make a mess of things, while things like Dreadnoughts are also less of a threat courtesy of S7 Rending power mauls and a Boarding Shield to prevent the Dread getting extra attacks. This big scary unit serves as a distraction to attempt to soak up fire from the Biker bomb - which uses its scout move to get near to the biggest Terminator blob my opponent has ASAP, pop the -2 to invuln bubbles, and let rip with 20 Reroll to hit Plasma shots, wiping them off the face of the earth, while Be'lakor sits just outside the bubble, jinks, and shrouds the biker unit for a 2+ jink save the next turn.

The Chariots meanwhile sneak forward and go for other nice big blobs of infantry assisted by the Spined Beast. The Primaris is there for a Lascannon and Haywire, but can help with its concussive in a neat role. Would be better if it just affected units, or models hit, rather than unsaved wound - if possible Be'lakor granting Invisibility to the Chariots forcing AT into the Spartan.

Plaguebearers find themselves some cover, and go to ground for a 2+ save on the objective, while the Tac Marines do similar, but attempt to slowly make their way up the field.

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