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30k Night Lords/How do I get this tone of bronze?

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I absolutely love this pale, almost silver bronze; just what I've been experimenting towards on some test pieces for my Night Lords. The subdued blue is also brilliant; I always think models look far more realistic in drab, muted tones; they're just harder to do convincingly.

How do you think this bronze was done? How would you do a pale, silvery bronze? Kinda going for a mix between Runelord Brass and Leadbelcher, but just mixing those together isn't going to be enough alone.
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Thanks for all the responses, guys! I think, on a little experimentation, it's a washed silver rather than starting from a bronze. No pictures yet, because my camera is at work, but I'll see what I can do.

Forge World do give out their paint schemes, but I don't like the Forge World way of doing Night Lords :wink: this example of Curze is just one that I found on the internet.
Here we go, silver and Agrax Earthshade.

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