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Hi there guys!

I was lucky enough to pick up my stores last Nagash book(s) and have been busying myself with reading fluff and rules alike. Part of the reason I bought it was to add a much needed steroid to my Tomb Kings army. I only started it a month or so ago, but it is coming along nicely.

Anyway, I have decided to theme my Tomb Kings army around Khalida's muster against the army of Neferata, their battleground being the cursed city of. Lahmia. There is a whole section on the battle in the book and I have themed my army as closely as possible to it. However I have made a few exceptions to keep it within a reasonable points level and to suit the models I already have. I will add a comment next to each unit to outline why it is included.

High Queen Khalida

Obvious inclusion, the leader of the army and commander of the defence of east Nehekhara. She will go in the archer bunker.

Nalharad the Resplendent
Lich High Priest
Dispel scroll, Ironcurse icon
Level 4

Fluffwise, Nalharad is only mentioned very briefly in an excerpt, but he is a suitable Liche Priest and I need a level 4 in my army just to buff it up, even though since I am using the Undead Legions list I don't need a hierophant. He also goes in the archer bunker

King Hassep
Tomb Prince
Khemrian warsphinx
Great weapon, Charmed shield, talisman of protection

King Hassep of the 1st Dynasty is Khalida's lord of armies. I don't have the points to make him an actual Tomb King, so a prince will have to suffice. As described, he rides a warsphinx.

The Herald Nefhotep
Tomb Herald
Halberd, Enchanted shield
Battle standard bearer

A last minute addition to the list, I put him in when I had points left over. I am still considering removing him in place of a second screaming skull catapult, but he keeps my core healthy. He goes in the tomb guard unit

The Lybaras Militia
30 Skeleton Warriors
Full command, Spears

bog standard skellies to hold the middle. Will be in bus formation and try to tarpit something, although they aren't as big as I would like.

The Asp Legion
38 Skeleton Archers
Master of Arrows

Absolute mainstay of the force, these guys should do something when buffed by khalida and the priest etc.

Setep's Outriders
8 Horse Archers

A unit entirely of my own creation, I don't know if they are competitive really but I like the theme and models very much. Could pull some interesting tricks with Scout, possibly warmachine hunters?

Settuneb's Own
6 Skeleton Chariots
Full command

standard unit of chariots to countercharge and/or kill basic units fairly cleanly. I would love to use Prince Settuneb himself but I just couldn't find the points.

The Curselings
10 Crypt Ghouls

The Harrowed
10 Crypt Ghouls

These two units are something I thought would be cool to add. I am going to model and paint these after what a real petrified mummy looks like, after they were embalmed and covered in a mixture of tar and ash. Really shrivelled and blackened. These will just be some throwaways or cascade-enablers.

Guardians of the Alabaster Tower
19 Tomb Guard
Full command

another unit from the book, they don't particularly suit the list but hey. Will be played in a very defensive role, which I will expand on in a bit

Knights of Asaph's Temple
3 Necropolis Knights
Entombed beneath the Sands
Necropolis captain

a very key unit in the book! very thematic. The unit is specifically described as having 9 members but that is verging on 700pts so I just kept it simple with 3. These guys will be looking for rear charges and hunting warmachines using entombed beneath the sands.

Sentinels of Phakth
3 Ushabti
Great bows

Guardians of Phakth
3 Ushabti
Great bows

not much to say about these guys. They are in the book and the models are gorgeous, so they will add some firepower I hope

Asaph's Spite
Screaming Skull Catapult

one of my own units again, but I feel like it ties together the shooty theme and auto panic checks are always useful


As far as tactics go, even though this is obviously no tournament army, I have a few ideas. Since I out shoot most armies by a fair bit, I can force them to come to me. This means I can stick the skellies and tomb guard in the centre, ready to receive charges with the warsphinx and the charges in the flanks ready to countercharge or deal with units on their own. Ghouls can be used to pick off Skirmishers or draw out units to being forced into charging or repositioning to my advantage. Horse archers and necropolis knights are fairly situational but can deal with light units and warmachines handily.

What do you guys think? I know it is hard to criticise a list when it isnt trying to be competitive, but I would like to hear your thoughts on my general composition and theme, as well as point out any glaring errors!

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