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Im unsure whether or not if this is sufficient amount of troops for BT at 3k

9x Initiates w/ BP/ CCW and PF/BP and MG
Emperor's Champion w/ AAC
Rhino w/ SL and EA

9x Initiates w/ BP/CCW and PF/BP and MG
Master of Sanctity
Rhino w/ SL and EA

LR w/ SL and EA
9x Initiates bolters and ML and MG

LRC w/ SL and EA
8x Assault Term 5x LC 3x TH/SS

LRC w/ SL and EA
1x High Marshall Helbrecht
10x Initiates w/ 10x Power Weapons
1 sgt w/ Term Honor
9 Initiates w/ Term Honors


Venerable Dread w/ TH, TLLC, ML, EA

Dread w/ AC and DCCW

something approx this I might have to shuffle around smoke launchers and extra armor a bit but you get the idea. I'm slightly worried about my ability to deal with monstrous creatures or whether or not I have enough troops to deal with other horde armies at 3k
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