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3000 Daemons (8th)

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Hey everyone,

I've played this list a few times now (proxy) and so far I like it. It has a few problems with gunlines (it depends if I can make it there or not) but can handle its own against magic heavy or combat heavy armies. Before I buy the rest of the models (I have a few from my 40k daemons) I just wanted to see if there was any advice.

Lord - Bloodthirster - obsidian armour, immortal fury

"3+ ignores magic abilities and rerolls hits"

Hero - Herald of Tzeentch - Master of Sorcery (Life), winged

"Life is such an amazing lore now, giving the thirster +4T or healing back units is great. Lifebloom is also amazing."

Hero - Herald of Tzeentch - Master of Sorcery (Heavens, Life, Beasts - not sure yet), winged

"Comet from heavens is good for dealing with gunlines if you can get it off but beasts has some great buffs".

Hero - Herald of Khorne - BSB, Armour of Khorne, Juggernaut

Hero - Herald of Khorne - Armour of Khorne, Juggernaut

Core - 20 Bloodletters - Full Command (Banner that adds D6" to charge) + Herald

Core - 20 Bloodletters - Full Command (Banner that adds D6" to charge) + Herald

Core - 20 Plaguebearers - Full Command (Banner that allows rerolls to wound)

"Probably not the best choice but I have 20 of em for 40k. With the change to regen, the herald isn't really worth it. Ultimately, they're still T4 with poison attacks and a 5++. Still a great unit"

Core - 5 Furies

"Warmachine hunters"

Core - 5 Furies

Special - 5 Hounds of Khorne

Rare - 6 Flamers of Tzeentch - Pyrocaster

"Ranged support"

Rare - 5 Bloodcrushers of Khorne - Standard Bearer (Banner that adds D6" to charge)

"With the new stomp attack, these guys are actually better than standard cavalry (which rely on you breaking on the charge). Instead, each model puts out essentially 5 attacks at either str 5 or 6. Expensive and will probably require a bit of help from the lore of life to make it there."

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Deamonettes are very good now when they have a Herald in the unit, they will strike first with re-rolls, and even without the Herald they are still good as they'll be hitting most things first. Also the higher movement allows them to get into better positions before the change. I'd swap out the plaugebearers for deamonettes.
When it comes to the new lores, lore of shadow is probably one of the best for daemons, as it allows you to weaken your enemies so that you can break through them and charge into the next thing easier. LoL is awesome, especially for daemons so keep you Herald that knows that.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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