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3000 Daemons (8th)

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Hey everyone,

I've played this list a few times now (proxy) and so far I like it. It has a few problems with gunlines (it depends if I can make it there or not) but can handle its own against magic heavy or combat heavy armies. Before I buy the rest of the models (I have a few from my 40k daemons) I just wanted to see if there was any advice.

Lord - Bloodthirster - obsidian armour, immortal fury

"3+ ignores magic abilities and rerolls hits"

Hero - Herald of Tzeentch - Master of Sorcery (Life), winged

"Life is such an amazing lore now, giving the thirster +4T or healing back units is great. Lifebloom is also amazing."

Hero - Herald of Tzeentch - Master of Sorcery (Heavens, Life, Beasts - not sure yet), winged

"Comet from heavens is good for dealing with gunlines if you can get it off but beasts has some great buffs".

Hero - Herald of Khorne - BSB, Armour of Khorne, Juggernaut

Hero - Herald of Khorne - Armour of Khorne, Juggernaut

Core - 20 Bloodletters - Full Command (Banner that adds D6" to charge) + Herald

Core - 20 Bloodletters - Full Command (Banner that adds D6" to charge) + Herald

Core - 20 Plaguebearers - Full Command (Banner that allows rerolls to wound)

"Probably not the best choice but I have 20 of em for 40k. With the change to regen, the herald isn't really worth it. Ultimately, they're still T4 with poison attacks and a 5++. Still a great unit"

Core - 5 Furies

"Warmachine hunters"

Core - 5 Furies

Special - 5 Hounds of Khorne

Rare - 6 Flamers of Tzeentch - Pyrocaster

"Ranged support"

Rare - 5 Bloodcrushers of Khorne - Standard Bearer (Banner that adds D6" to charge)

"With the new stomp attack, these guys are actually better than standard cavalry (which rely on you breaking on the charge). Instead, each model puts out essentially 5 attacks at either str 5 or 6. Expensive and will probably require a bit of help from the lore of life to make it there."

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Ditto on plaguebearers, they went from excellent tar pit to overpriced unit with the restriction that they either get regen or ward save.

Did a test of 37 bloodletters vs. 50 high elf spearmen of approximately same points. Bloodletters win just a bit more but are made a lot better by herald of khorne in unit. Get the bloodletters into combat fast to reduce shooting and magic casualties and they will do fine in 8th ed. Demonettes may prove to be very good with the ASF, high I and daemon ward save and improved by 8th ed.

Are you over the 25% rare limit? Beasts of Nurgle and Fiends also get stomp. A unit of 3 fiends is an interesting alternative to the overdone bloodcrushers. Also, fleshhounds are still very good with the MR adding to their ward save when magic is cast at them.

My understanding is that characters only get Look Out Sir? when in or near units of same troop type.

I'd look at the Lord of Change to exploit some of those Life and other excellent common lores and give you a lvl 4 caster and the consider switching the heralds of tz out.

BT is harder to hit and will be hit more often by cannons and stone throwers but stone throwed might do less damage unless a direct hit but there is no longer a BS bonus for shooting at a large target, so bolts are a bit less threatening.

Hitting flanks and rear is the key. You won't break ranks if you don't have two ranks but you will get the CR bonus and supporting and spear attacks can only be directed to the front, so a fleshhound unit hitting the flank or rear can do a lot of damage.

I'd drop the pyrocasters, not worth the extra points.
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Fleshhounds are not monstrous beasts, so they are not limited to two attacking a warmachine. That limit wound apply to Beasts of Nurgle and Fiends.

Agreed fleshounds as just expensive enough to not run in two ranks. They are there for flank protection and flank attacks. There will still be dark riders, knight and stuff to counter with the hounds. Supporting attacks cannot be made to the flanks. Thus, fleshhounds need to hit flanks more often. They still hit hard and can tip the scales in a battle where a horde unit is stuck on a unit of bloodletters to ensure high CR wins. The amount of casualties caused can result in a horde unit quickly losing ranks and steadfast and breaking.

Also, flamers are really good in 8th edition. 8th ed will have more terrain and rewards shooting and movement. Skirmiishers have a lot of benefits using terrain in 8th edition. With more horde units with lower T and AS, flamers have so many shooting attacks, they can effectively deplete hordes before they get to the bloodletters, taking away some ranks and making it easier to panic or break those units.
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