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Also, I will weigh out Lore of Light. Shadow, Beasts, Life, and Light are all on my test list. Too many good options is a good problem to have, though!
First off, holy shit, all the warmachines, and now, to the meat of stuff I actually know about. What you're looking at here with the Lores is what supports the rest of your army? Life is out, as you don't have a lot of multi-wound models, and already killy but fragile guys to make tougher. Beasts is really for crazy characters, from what I can see, though there are a few other things that I haven't tried out. So that leaves Shadow and Light. One focuses on making the enemy worse, the other focuses on making your guys better. I'd say with empire, you want to get your guys better, so take Light. Feel free to try out the other lores though, perhaps you'll find combos that you like!
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