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The Black Ships of the Astro Telepathicus, move invisibly through the void.

Once they were guarded by the sisters of silence, though that order has fallen into disrepair, many valiant sisters dead as they defended the imperial palace. What has become of them we do not know, yet there tasks upon the the black ships have been taken up by the sisters of battle. Sister squads accompanied by inquisitorial stormtroopers patrol the corridors, there weapons raised, wary and alert, put on edge by the continual screams and curses that emanate from within the holds.

Some of these psykers will become astropaths, others inquisitors and grey knights yet each of these vital functionaries, once sobbed and moaned in the hold of a black ship. Inquisitors of the ordo hereticus, witch hunters often use these ships to find areas of psychic potential, often travel with them to wherever the emperors justice is needed.


Upon a little known planet in the solar segmentum the captain (Captain Aman) of the Black Ship (the ironically named), The emperor's mercy recieved a distress call from an inquisitor requesting a black ship to hold a primary psyker, the leader of a heretical cell with traces and connections that lead to terra itself. Her mind had not cracked under the inquisitors interrogations whilst several attempts had been made to rescue the prisoner and a member of the inquisitors own retinue had already died to an unknown sniper shot.

Thus he had been commanded to bring her to the headquarters of the Inquisitor Lord of the Ordo Hereticus itself where the information would be.... extracted.... Such importance had been placed upon the welfare of this prisoner, that an inquisitorial black ship of the ordo malleus (the nearest in the vicinity), had been requested to meet with The Emperor's mercy at the planet of Valice, 3 days away. Here the inquisitorial ship of the ordos malleus returning from the cleansing of a small daemonic incursion bearing 2 inquisitors of the ordos malleus, a contingent of grey knights and over 1000 inquisitorial storm troopers, would take charge.

The message received and verified the Captain had changed his course to pick up the inquisitor and stow his prisoner safely within the black ship. Now in orbit around the planet, the inquisitor prepares to come aboard, and the troops aboard the blackship prepare to meet its newest prisoner.

However there are more eyes upon the ship than anyone one could guess, for the prisoner is more important than anyone could possibly imagine.

You will be playing the part of storm troopers aboard the emperor's mercy.

No you may not play sisters of battle, or inquisitors or the inquisitors retinue.

Yet you are inquisitorial stormtroopers, new and fresh, your squad having gone through training together has now been posted aboard this ancient ship, to gain experience of the dull life of a soldier, not expected to gain any true combat experience, but to continue your training under the watchful eyes of the sisters of battle. Hence you have done the simulations the dry runs, yet you are yet to fire a hellgun and watch a real corpse crumple. So in your biographies i want no combat experience, no grizzled veteran.

This rp is going to be alot of reactions, I want to know about your charactors emotions, I want to know how he feels when he is shot at for the first time, yes you will be shot at and there is going to be a fair bit of combat in this rp and thats why I'm stressing this now. I'm going to give you lots of things individually to react too but I dont want posts

"Blah Blah shot his hellgun 3 times and 3 people died."

I want emotions i want detail, quite simply i want you to put a little effort in, plus you wont be that accurate. A degree of realism is needed

This I'm making a 7 sentence limit on all posts.
Two, this rp is obviously going to have a certain degree of realism and I may well kill your character off. I will off course give you a chance to make a new character however I will be consulting you first, and you can off course say, I don't really want my character dead.

The only reason I will kill your character without consulting you is if you don't post for a long period of time.

Age: (your gonna be pretty young)
Gender: yes you can be a woman
Weaponry: Hellgun, Long combat knife Hell pistol
Armour: Carapace armour
Personality: I want to know what your charactor is like as a bloke does he get on with others, does he desire to be a leader

Background: What i do want is your background. You would have been recruited by the Schola Progenium (http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Schola_Progenium) and thus be an orphan. How you were orphaned, was your father a solider, assassinated, or don't you know how he died.

Relationships with other characters: This squad will have gone through training training together, do you like or hate other characters.

Ambition: Where does he want to get to, does he want to stay a stormtrooper or does he wish to be a sergeant lieutenant or the member of the inquisitors retinue

Quirk: A little quirk, something that sets your character out from the rest, maybe he always smokes on breaks or takes ages to process thoughts, (horn if you are going to post a character i deny you the right to be an alcoholic), maybe he just scratches his balls alot or sticks his tongue out while thinking, is he a zealous fanatic to the god emperor. Some little quirk to make you different

Special skill: Is he a crack shot, a close combat power house, a technological wizard, an explosives expert. A MEDIC WOULD BE APPRECIATED. I dont know be imaginative, if in doubt pm me, I'm almost always on and more than happy to talk.

These last three are non conventional, but they are just to make you think about your character that little bit more, to make him that little bit more real in your mind


In the end i sound serious but I'm a pretty relaxed bloke, i like rp's to be fun entertaining and most of all i love reading good quality fiction.

BTW for those of you who remember to be a thousand son, yes, that's where the idea came from though Ptah and Rak'an will not be starring in this one

There are 10 places in this rp, please post a character, I'd be delighted to rp with all of you

Thanks for reading

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Hi there deathbringer, it seems you're somewhat a veteran of RPs. If my character meets your standards, I would very much like to join in.


Name: Farak Ignavus

Age: 20

Gender: Hermaphro - (Joking!:biggrin:) Male. Seriously, Male.

Weapons Standard-issue Hellgun, with a firm wooden stock, a battered iron barrel, an old-tech laser-sight, and a smaller, more compact power-magazine. He also has a standard boot knife, with a firm handel and a rusted, serrated edge. Finally, a rare Hellpistol "Torkan" (named after his father), styled like a eight-barrelled revolver; each slot requires a small, one-use power pack, which fires incredibly powerful shots compared to the average Hell-bolt. It is polished matt-black, and has a fine gold lining along the barrel, as well as a strong brass handle covered with fine Terran leather.

Armour: Standard dark-green Carapace Armour, with a dark visor that fits along the helmet.

Appearance: Farak has short-cropped brown hair, and brown eyes. He is clean-shaven, is fair-skinned, and has a chiselled jaw. He is of a normal height for a twenty-year old, and has a standard stormtrooper physique. His green armour is battered and worn, but does the job. He wears khaki combat-fatigues underneath, and has a fine set of black boots, made from beautiful Terran leather, like the handel of his revolver. He cuts a strong figure with his armour on.

Personality: Farak is the team-player ; he won't leave anyone behind. His friends are one of the most important things to him, and he will often take the bullet so his friends can get away un-punished. As such, his superiors see him as dis-obedient, when really he is just loyal. Farak is a funny guy, and has a good wit. He is extremely likeable, and knows how to make somebody feel great.

Background: Farak was in an orphanage on Terra when he was selected for training. In his early childhood, he remembers little, only that his mother had died in childbirth and that his father had always been perfect; Farak had adored him, and loved him completely. He remembered him becoming more and more troubled, until one day he never came home. Farak was taken to an orphanage, at the age of five. It was a surprisingly good orphanage; he was educated, had comfortable place to sleep, and there were many nice children there, who he became friends with. When he reached sixteen, he was taken for training.

He quickly became friends with his training-mates, forging strong friendships. He was corteuous to his officers, but unfortunately his habit of taking the blame for everything turned them against him. He was made to scrub many a floor, run many a mile, and work many nights for his friends; but he would do it all again. Upon becoming a full-stormtrooper, he recieved a package from an unknown sender; a beatiful set of black boots and a masterfully-crafted hellpistol revolver. He named it Torkan, after his father, because he believed that he was still alive; out there, but unable to reach Farak. Farak was proud to have such a wonderful father. Proud to serve.

Relationships with other characters: Farak is extremely likeable, and gets on well with everybody (except his superiors, but even then he is polite to them). He has made friends with everyone in his unit, and has taken the punishment for each of them on many occassions. He can make each of them feel special, like they're the only person in the world. He can make them laugh, he can make them proud, he can make them happy; Farak has a way with people that makes him able to make anyone tick.

Ambition: Farak never really showed particualr interest in military career, but he sees it now as a path to many other opportunities; his primary path is to find his father. By ascending to the rank of officer, Farak could have the means to find his father again. That is his ultimate goal; from then, Farak does not know what he would do.

Quirk: Although he does not know it yet, as he hasn't fought in battle, Farak is a complete coward. (Hence the surname; Ignavus.)

Special Skill: Farak was always an expert shot with his revolver; with a normal Hellgun, he didn't seem to have the magical touch he does with Torkan. As such, he often swaps to his revolver when he can; he is able to inflict crippling hits at long distance. (On the realistic-simulation dry-runs).


I hope that's ok with you ... sorry it's so boring, I was pressed for time when I thought it up. If you would like me to edit something (if you would like to have me in the first place, that is) then just send me a PM and I'll try and change it so it is worthy of entry.

EDIT: Cheers, and sorry for the above doomy-gloomy footnote! I was in somewhat of a bad mood. All fine now though. (Silly old Tzeentch mucking about with me again PRAISE TZEENTCH oh I sound like a Tory.)

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Name: Jill Stone

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Weaponry: Standard issue Hellgun matte black, looking as if it has just come off a production line. One thing to note is a small scope attachable to the gun. Long combat knife, in the shape of a Kukri, elogant yet deadly. Matte black Hell pistol, ordinary as the hellgun.

Armour: Carapace armour, standard colour for the inquisitorial strom troopers. Only thing to note is the medicae symbol on her right upper arm.

Appearance: Jill is a very slight, young female. She stands at 5"7 and has the appearance of a young athelete. This is mainly due from the years training that she has endured as a stromtrooper trainee. She has light blue eyes, and fairly pale skin. Her dark brown hair flows down to shoulder length. She wears standard issue fatigues underneath her stormtrooper armour, black boots, brand new causing her no end of pain to get used to. She doesn't normally wear her helmet, having it attached to either her back or waist, this allows her to have her hair in a ponytail.

Personality: Jill is a trusting individual, although she is not entirely gullable. She knows when someone is deliberatly lying to her. Jill doesn't like seeing who she regards as her friends getting hurt, and as a squads medic she can usually help them out. She is also an emotional person.

Background: Jill was born into a low born family, her father working as a medic in the planetary guard of the capital city. Unfortunatly her mother died giving birth to Jill and her father cherished her for as long as possible. Unfortunatly at the age of 10 the planet was invaded by the vile orks, and although the combined might of the planetary guard and several regiments of the Imperial Guard managed to push back the orks and eventually exterminate them, her father did not survive. Her fathers unit was ambushed as it made its way from the front line back to the hive city. Not a single man in the unit survived. Jill was taking to the local orphanage, where she was bullied constantly. She was recruited by the eccliasarchy into the Schola Progenium. She trained harder than most, having the small amount of experience that her father gave her at the young age. She soon became a medic and trained hard to gain a place in the stormtroopers.

Relationships with other characters: Jill is generally a well liked member, who gets on particulary well with Farak, due to the fact that he has taken several punishments on her behalf. She is loyal to her squad mates and would do anything she could for them, and she hopes that she will be able to save them should they be harmed.

Ambition: Jill really has no ambition rather then the fact that she wishes to serve the Emperor and do her father proud, she will stay as a medic for as long as possible.

Quirk: Jill, when nervous or bored will play with her hair, and carries a small scapel in her medi kit that she does not use. This has her fathers initials on it, and it is the scapel that he entrusted to her care when he went away to combat the orks. She has been known to stare longingly at it when upset, and emotions run high in her.

Special Skill: Jill is the squads medic. She is fairly accomplished and knows how to treat wounds that will be required to be seen at underfire. She is coolheaded and knows the ins and outs of the human body.

Hope this is ok Deathbringer.

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Name: Davis
Age: 18
Gender: I AM A MAN!!!
Weaponry: Hellgun, Long combat knife Hell pistol, does my flask 'o whiskey count?
Armour: grey carapace armour with a small =][= on the chest
Appearance: Short white male with a scar on his left cheek. About 140 pounds, hair is brown, has a neatly trimmed beard, green eyes.
Personality: sad, vengeful. Knows what he now must do, he must find that fucker who killed his parents and kill him for what he has done!
Background: Parents were wrongly executed for treason, been with the Inquisition so they can keep an eye on him.
Relationships with other characters: this is the first time he has seen them out of training, he is unsure of the medic, and Mitja seems shady.
Ambition: To kill whomever framed his parents for heresy back on Anathemisis
Quirk: Never wore his helmet, never, he has only ever worn a green bandana with his father's motto in it: "give em hell", drinks alot
Special skill: Somehow he always knows when someone is watching.

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I hope this is along the lines of what you were looking for, Deathbringer, if not, feel free to PM me and I'll change anything you feel needs to be changed.

Name: Errol Cain

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Weaponry: Standard-issue Hellgun with a old laser sight attatched along the barrel. Long combat knife with reversed serrations (hooked towards the handle) and a standard-issue Hell Pistol that has his name etched onto the grip.

Armour: Standard color carapace armor, certainly a hand-me-down set as it has several chips, dings and hastily repaired plates. His helmet has the Inquisitorial =][= on the front which seems free of any scuffs or gouges.

Appearance: Errol has brown hair, just long enough to still be within regulation length, blue/green eyes and light skin. He keeps his facial hair trimmed, but not shaved (after receiving a medical waiver for it). He has a stormtrooper's physique thanks to his training and wears standard issue fatigues under his carapace armor. He broader than average shoulders and build, but only stands at about 5'10" without his combat boots.

Personality: Errol is a bit reckless, preferring improvised battle plans and actions over a carefully laid out battle plan. He has a bit of a protective streak in him, and when his comrades are under fire, he's the one who will be the first to attempt to outflank the enemy. He's difficult to get to know, preferring to keep people at arm's length. but those get past his gruff demeanor know him to be loyal, protective, caring and witty with a very morbid sense of humor.

Background: He was born to farmers on a lightly defended agri-world. When he was about 7 standard years old, Dark Eldar raided the planet for muderous entertainment and slaves. His parents attempted to hid their son, but were cut to ribbons by a cackling xenos on bladed, floating boards. As the attack continued, Errol eventually found a hiding place amid a small pile of corpses. It was here that he waited out the remainder of the attack with his eyes closed and hearing the events unfold around him. Eventually, after several weeks of waiting and recovering with a handful of other, mentally unhinged survivors, Imperial forces responded to the distress call issued as the attack began. Once in Imperial custody, he found way to the Schola Progenium and from there, into Stormtrooper training.

During training, he quickly found that his skill with a blade out performed his skill with his hellgun. He also found that he had a way with words that usually drew a fair number of shocked looks from his squad mates. He recieved many a punishment for his reckless actions and loose adherance to battle plans or regulations and met Farak on one of his many tours of scrubbing the latrene floor.

Relationships with other characters: He feels the other members of squad are generally fond of him and he trusts them with his life. He has a particular respect for Farak who took the heat for some of his more reckless actions and loose adherance to battle plans or regulations and tries to stay on the good side of Jill, as he knows that he may one day be under her knife (so to speak).

Ambition: Errol has few other goals aside from just being a stormtrooper. He muses about being a part of the Inquisitor's retinue, but is afraid of losing his squadmates to attain that status.

Quirk: Errol is a smoker. A heavy one. When not on duty, he can always be seen with a lho-stick in hand. When he's particularly focused, his tounge usually finds its way pasted just outside the corner of his mouth.

Special skill: While his marksmanship is tollerable, Errol prefers the up close engagements, using whatever is at hand as a melee weapon and is more than proficient with his combat knife.

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Name: Soren de Ruyter
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Appearance: Soren is tall and thin, with tanned skin and crazy red hair. his eyes are green(sometimes gray), and are always full of laughter.
Armor: standard gray carapace armor with a red 0:09 painted on the shoulder.
Personaility: Soren is always impatient for action and doesn't like sitting around. He always has a big maniacal grin on his face, even in the heat of battle. He also cares for the explosive charges he always carries around, for they are his children to him.
Background: Soren's parents died when he was very young due to Orkz killing his father and his mother was cut down by a cultist of Tzeentch, when Soren was 1 He still sees in when he sleeps. Despite all of this still loyal to the Imperium and the Emperor, despite his crazy and chaotic nature. He joined the Inquistion to drown out the whisperings of death that only he could hear.
Relationship: He is neutral to pretty much all of his squad, he is a loner at heart and others steer clear whenever possible due to his unpredictable nature. he likes the medic in his squad, but other than that, he is mostly neutral to all.
Ambition: Serve the Emperor, further the goals of the Imperium.
Quirk: always wears a high necked collar when not in armor.
Skill: amazing with explosives.

good? I thought the explosive expert should be crazy

description whore
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Welcome Lust God Flunky, and hell welcome to the forums with an excellent charactor sorry got confused

Also Broguts fine, answered all the questions, i may well be giving you a few interesting moments with your hatred of the inquisitors.

Lastly the brass lord, i agree the explosives expert should be crazy, but I dont particularly agree with that chaos follower thing
I think the inquisition would have terminated you guilty or not just to be safe. You could say his mother was cut down by a follower of tzeentch before his eyes as he hid. He remembers it and hears her death whispers to this day?

Also instead of the maniacal energy make it laughter, it really sounds like you've been tainted and hell I would have shot you if i had seen that as an inquisitor

We are on 5 plus high seraph who will be reposting his charactors rather soon so thats 6 down 4 to go. I may extend the rp size if recruitment continues at this epic rate.

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Name: Mitja Melansk

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Weapons: Standard issue Hellgun with a targeter, long combat knife and a hell pistol fresh from the manufacturom.

Armour: Carapace armour painted black with red trim by Mitja himself.

Appearance: 6' 190lbs. youthfull face that makes Mitja look like a teen still. Usually bearded. Short dark brown hair. Dull gray eyes. Wears combat fatigues under his armour with worn black boots.

Personality: Mitja is a bit of a loner and hates for people to fuss over him. This has caused some tension with others as Mitja just tells them to go to the Emperor.

Background: As long as Mitja can remember he was at the schola progeneium. He has no clue where he was born or who his parents are and this is perhaps why he acts like a loner. At the schola Mitja discovered a talent with technology that surpassed anyone else there.

Relationship with other characters: Mitja has a cool relationship with everyone except his superiors. Finds Jill rather atractivce but doesn't understand the feelings he has for her as such he rarely is around her.

Ambition: To become part of an Inquisitor's retinue or become a liuetenant in te stormtroopers.

Quirk: Mumbles cyphers for codes whenever bored or stressed about anything. Smokes almost constantly.

Special Skill: Can get past any computer related secruity with almost no trouble. Can make basic field repairs on weapons and armour.

description whore
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Dont worry if necessary I will rp with 6, we have got enough for this rp to be viable but i will not be starting this for a little while yet, probably wednesday / thursday morning.

Febris Militarius
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Name: Thadius Strait
Age: 21
Gender: male
Armourment: Carapace armour, standard issue well worn hand me down with a patch across the left breast from puncture wound (reason for hand me down) Right breast bears and Imperial Eagle (always clean). Standard Hell gun, iron sites only. Thadius carries a standard issues bayonet belt slung well worn across the blade with a wraped handle of leather.

Thadius stands 5'11 with close cropped hair thast is slightly red, if allowed to grow he would have a head ablaze with red hair. His nose sits crooked after preforming less than well in unarmed comabt drill. Lean with caucasian skin he bears the violet eyes of a cadian. He has the rough devloped muscle of a strom trooper and the vacent stair of a man lost in himself.

Thadius acts as lost as he seems when alone, he shuns contact with his squad mates on down time. He speaks little to others outside of drill, he acts lost and w/o concern for what happens to him. Never the slacker he volunteers for duty and projects. He earns good favor with NCOs for his willingness to help and always step up, though his brothers in arms are less than receiving of him. He waits quietly for assiments and takes to the front when ever it is needed.

Thadius was pulled from the remains of a shrine to the god emerpor as the cadian 409th advacned against the 12th black crusade, he recruited to the white shields along with 13 others found in the fallen city, after only a week Thadius and the other were confiscated by Inquisitor Ranthies and deleivered to the schola progeneium. Here he began his training and was passed voer for deployment as a Commisar. Thadius always has an aquella on him and maintains any that are present of his equipment to the point of obsession.

Ambition: Thadius had strived in the schola progeneium to be assigned a position as a commisar, after being passed over he was assigned to a black ship for further development as as soilder. He has become bleek and silent with little less then prayers to his god emperor, he is with out ambition now as he has only a life of war and missery to look forward too in the service of the god emerpor.

Quirk: Thadius displayed excellent marksmenship but failled his sniper qualifications, he has sytematically failled to hit a target when a scope is attached to his weapon and it is specualted this is on purpose.

Skills: Having volunteered for everything and anything he is well versed in most special weapons and can maintain and use a vox caster with little more than a knife and copper wire.
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