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Hey all,
In my few games since I’ve started playing Warhammer (not just the hobby side) I’ve had the good fortune to play against some fun people.

This last game, I was against a sporting chap that I met at Games Workshop. His brother being in town, we agreed to have a 3 army free-for all at 1500 points. So after dividing the table up into three areas, we decided to have a go!

what goes on below is some of the craziness of the three army brawl.

The armies that met that day were:


Vampire Counts (with Ogres as ‘dogs of war’)

Beastmen (yours truly)

We decided to each start on one of the corners of the Table, in a “Y” shape. The Ogres taking the top Left of the “Y” and the Dwarves the top Right of the “Y”. Beastmen at the bottom of the “Y”

The army lists:

Vampires/ Ogres
had the following (roughly)
  • Corpse Cart
  • Lvl 1 Necromancer
  • Vampire count (unsure of much of his abilities…) lvl 2 wizard
  • 40 skeleton spearmen
  • 20 zombies
  • 10 ghouls(?)
  • 3 lead Belchers
  • 3 Ironguts
  • 3 Ironguts w/ standard bearer.

  • The cowardly Thane/Lord. Lord/thane with many runes. +1 Armor save, +2 weapon skill, +1 strength…tons on that guy.
  • Long beards: Possibly 15-18 of these in one formation.
  • Warriors, about 20 of these guys. Great Weapons
  • 10 thunderers.
  • 10 miners
  • 2 cannons, one with master engineer & trenches. (stupid cannon, stop defending yourself!!!)
Beastmen: I called my forces “K’zhargor, the Iron Spine’s Warherd.

Kzhar’Gor, the iron-spine marches!!!

1500 impromptu list (we decided on 1500 the night before)

Kzhar’Gor, the iron-spine. Lord: 341

Beastlord: Tuskgor Chariot. Ramhorn Helm. Enchanted Shield. Heavy Armor. Dawnstone. Gouge Tusks.

Special Rules: minimum 4 attacks! Armor save: 2+ (including Chariot) 3+

* Manbane:
* Primal Fury:
* Gouge Tusks:
* Hunting Spear:making him a mobile *************.
* Ramhorn Helm:
* Dawnstone:

The idea with this lord is to have a mobile killing machine who can act as a “bolt thrower”. The Chariot and spear enables him to have +1 strength on the charge. His High save, coupled with a reroll of any failed save makes him near indestructible. On top of that, any armor save he makes, he gets a free attack on the attacker armor piercing. Lots of great power in that lord



* Poison attack.
* Regeneration
* Curse of famine Fiend

Wargor BSB: Enchanted Shield. Gnarled Hide. Protector Ward. Heavy Armor, BSB

Special Rules: Armor Save: 1+

* Ward save: 5+ (entire unit gets 6+)
* Primal Fury
* Manbane
* BSB:

This Battle standard bearer is meant to last. With a 1+ armor save and a ward for him and his unit, he will provide a good anchor for the army at a low cost (131 points)


Gor Herd: 28

* SB & Musician.

Ungor Spearmen: 27

* Spear & Shield
* SB & Musician
* 6+ Armor save

Ungor Raiders 10
* Musician
* Shortbow (range 18)


Minotaurs: 3
Great Weapons

Armor save 6+

Bestigors: 15 SB & Musician:

Armor save 5+

SB= Armor Piercing.

So that was my force (in detail)

The strategy was a new one for me. I was abandoning the typical ‘ambush and blitz’ and going for something more of a ‘rushing flank’ army. I wanted to hit the enemy hard and fast with the Gor herd and while they’re bogged down with them, hit them from the sides with Bestigors, minotaurs, and the Lord on the chariot. All I needed the Ungor spearmen to do was to hold the flanks of the Gor herd and maybe even help the bestigors.

I split the mentioned group of Ungor raiders into two units of 5. I know it’s not the best, but I wanted 1 small unit of ambushers. Even if they were to be shot to pieces in the first round, I’d be happy. Better 30 points of ungors eat it than the cannons decimate my ranks.

Below is the Battle Report to the best of my memory.

Turns. Rolling the dice, we went in the following order. Dwarves, Vampires/ogres, Beastmen. Not the best situation for me.


Turn one the dwarves were limited by their placement boundries and had to move their Slow cannon on the Ogre side and their thunderers into position. Being ‘slow to fire’ they couldn’t fire that turn.

The Cannon facing me however, had no problems firing. Infact, it’s engineer nearly garunteed it a hit and it took 3 of 4 wounds off my Lord’s chariot. Yikes. Had I known he could fire over hounds like that, I wouldn’t have placed the lord where he was, but seeing as no other unit took damage I was fine.

The dwarves moved very little.

Vampire/ Ogres (VOs)

The vampire counts/ Ogres (herein the VOs) lumbered into position and their ogres ran forward!

The Ledbelchers rained shrapnel at the lone slayer. Despite saving on 4 wounds, he took too much fire to survive. First blood was shed as the naked stunty collapsed, skewered with rusty metal. Huzzah for the Ogres!

The ogres facing the Dwarves rushed forward, scared of eating cannonballs in the face.

The undead slowly crept forward, staying near their general and keeping their battle lines intact.

The Necromancer on the corpse cart cast “raise dead” with irresistible force, summoning 5 undead (he used some of my gors for these). However, the miscast was rough on the necromancer and took away his only casting level, denying him spell casting. On the up side, there was no explosion and the cart was saved.

All attempts at casting by the Vampire count were dispelled (closely) by both the beastmen army and the dwarves. The last thing we wanted was more blocks of unbreakable undead.

Beastmen turn.

AMBUSH! My ungor raiders were chomping at the bit. I rolled…..a 1! F*ing hell….. Normally, on an ‘ambush roll’ the following happens.

1. roll of 1: enemy decides where they go.
2. roll 2-3: they are still finding their path, roll next round.
3. roll 4: pop up on enemies left.
4. roll 5: pop up on enemies right
5. roll 6: beastmen general places them wherever the hell he wants. Including RIGHT behind the enemy. Huzzah

So, on a 1, my enemies got to pick. Now, having two enemies, we rolled off to see who got to place them. VO’s rolled highest and got to place them. They were placed RIGHT next to the dwarven cannon on the Ogre flank. The dwarves were furious. I suppose the ungors were scared off by the immense size of the ogres and popped out right next to the cannon. Either way, the ungors were RIGHT where i wanted them. Enemy of my enemy, huh?

Beastmen magic was uneventful: I had lore of shadows and tried to get one spell off with low power dice and it was dispelled by both players.

Shooting phase: ungor raiders behind the cannon managed to take ONE dwarf out. Not bad shooting for those guys. The ones on the field did nothing, they shot, but missed miserably. The lord on chariot hurled the hunting spear, but failed his Ballistic skill and it sailed over the midgets in iron. Too bad, that would have potentially killed 5 dwarves! In beastmen shooting that is incredible.

The swift hounds raced ahead of the army, while the chariot and minotaurs went up my right flank, racing at the dwarven lines.

My center and left flank; composed of the ungor, Bestigors and in the center, the Gor herd, marched forward. The ungors moved toward the ‘temple of skulls’.

Turn 2.


The dwarven tunnelers (engineers? miners?) succeded in burrowing and popped out RIGHT behind the Lead Belchers who just killed their slayer. When they charged, they hit the back of the ogres and were hell bent on avenging their fallen comrade. They inflicted 2 wounds and took 1 wound from the ogre lead belchers. Swinging huge cannons hurt.

The dwarf warriors charged the 6 warhounds leading the beastmen army and easily destroyed them. However, they were VERY far from their own lines. That meant 1/4th the dwarven army was out of line and had exposed flanks.

The long beards stayed in the center of the dwarven army. I’m assuming to hold their lines or back up the thunderers?

The dwarven cannon on the ogre side fired grapeshot and nearly wiped out the ungor raiders. However, miraculously, the cowardly ungors, seeing a good target passed their leadership and held on!!!

The dwarven cannon facing me took a shot at the minotaurs, and hit home. The surviving minotaur held on by 1 wound!

The thunderers managed to fire a few shots and didn’t manage to kill any of the bull rushing ogres!


The vampires marched forward, keeping their undead in line and near the Count.

The ogres struck back! The leadbelchers engaged with the tunnelers managed to off a few more pesky runts. The stoic dwarves stood their ground and managed to kill an ogre!

The ironguts charged the thunderers and ripped into them. 3-5 dwarves fell on the charge and brutal attacks, yet held on (inspired by the nearby longbeards)

Vampire count magic was kept down as both generals dispelled the winds of magic….close calls though.

3 ironguts ran through the forest to get to the dwarves. The forest was rolled for……aaaaaaaaaand….. “forest of blood”!!! any time some one in the forest has a spell cast on them, they get hurt (2d6) badly.


The ungor, sick of eating cannon-shot, charged the dwarf cannon on the ogre side, killing one in combat! My lord, these guys won their cost back 3 fold!

Seeing the warriors separated from the pack; the beastmen descended on them like ravenous wolves. The Beastlord on chariot and the Minotaurs rammed into the warriors, causing 9 wounds JUST in impact!! With the great weapons of the Minotaurs and the lords attack, the unit was instantly broken and chased down by the lord. The lord of the beastmen would have overran into the cannon, but the ‘ward of slowing’ held me back. Damn dwarves…..

The minotaurs fed on dwarf-flesh and gained one attack from winning combat and were now frenzied in their insatiable blood lust!

The Gor herd and the Bestigors moved forward.

The ungor spearmen remained on the hill (skull temple) and the vaunted Slugtounge managed to get ONE spell off: Pendulum (lore of shadows) that cut the zombies behind the ogres in two! they lost over 5 zombies in one attack!
Turn 3. The reckoning!!


Dwarves found themselves in a bit of a jam at this point. Over half their front rank was gone and a chariot barreling down on the one cannon NOT in combat. Their thunderers were being hacked to bits by ogres and the longbeards far too slow to do anything about it, despite being almost on top of them.

The dwarven Thane/lord charged the incoming chariot and despite the absurd Weapon skill of the thane, he failed to wound the Beast lord. But he somehow avoid any wounds from the leader of the Herd.

The thunderers gave one or two wounds, but they were being brutally beaten by the monstrous ogres.

The miners/tunnelers were still caught in vicious combat with the lead belchers. They were now down to their last men and making a heroic stand.

The now safe cannon on the right flank took the one shot it had open, it fired and took out an incoming Ogre in the forest as well as an entire rank of zombies! Let no one say these cannons can’t devastate an army. Had the other cannon not been tied up, this game would have been much bloodier. (hooray ungors!)

At this point, the dwarves knew all they could do was prevent a route and try to maneuver to save a few souls.


The vampire counts, discouraged by the lack of progress continued to push forward. Limbs jerking in the fetid air, death and decay trailing behind, the masses of damned souls marched forward!

The vampire count succeeded in raising more zombies and got off some horrible spell that afflicted the ungor spearmen with some vile disease.

Moving all the undead right at the beastmen line the Vampire’s army was set for confrontation.

On their other flank, the ogres charged out of the woods, away from the cannon that easily dispatched one of their numbers and away from the anxious longbeards and plowed right into the ungor skirmishers. The weaker herd members were cut down and trampled. The lone survivor ran for his life.

The Ledbelchers were still locked in combat with the tunnelers in what is certainly the fight of the battle!


As the dwarven Lord threw himself at the chariot in an act of selfless sacrifice, the beastmen closed in for the kill. The scent of blood, fear and panic filled their nostrils and whipped their volatile minds into a frenzy. Minotaurs, already frenzied from obliterating the dwarven warriors, slammed into the dwarven lord. Even the weapon skill of the lord and his runes could stop wounds from hitting home. Still, miraculously, the lord withstood the rampaging minotaurs, the vicious blows of the Beastlord and held on by a thread….buying his sorely pressed army time to retreat.

In the center of the battle, the Gor Herd counter charged the Ogres, whom seconds ago, just cut down the ungor skirmishers. In a brutal display of their primal fury, the Beastmen hacked, slashed, bit, gouged and kicked the ogres into the ground. The center of the battle was now claimed by the gor herd and K’zhargor’s Battle standard flew unopposed.

As the undead corpses moved inexorably forward, the beastmen counter charged. At once, the bestigor regiment and ungor phalanx stampeded forward. The bestigors used their gigantic cleavers to hack the freshly raised zombies down. of 19 zombies, only 9 remained after the initial onslaught. The heavy armor and superior toughness of the bestigors won the fight, seeing only one wound taken.

The ungor spearmen, following in the wake of a devastating spell, charged the skeletal spearmen. The slow reaction of animated bones was no match for the primal fury of the ungors. Like their Bestigor comrades, they hacked wildly at their enemies and destroyed almost two full ranks of enemies!

Lesser enemies or even those capable of thought, would have fled the battle. These undead stood, hoping to be sent back to their grave.

With the momentum in the Beastmen’s favor (and having spent 5 hours playing and setting up…) the three generals called it. The beastmen had claimed the day!!!

So that was my 5th victory in what is now a 6-0 winning streak. Talk about beginners luck!

There are far more pictures on my blog, feel free to check them out.

Hope you enjoyed.
I still have to post more battles!

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Ok I loved reading the Battle report Fantasy rocks I could read these all night.
haha! Thanks!

I had a blast writing it. just took me a while.
I have 5 other games to write up.
  • dwarves v Beastmen (800pts newb game)
  • dwarves V beastmen (1k)
  • High Elves v Beastmen (1k) *luckiest rolls I've ever had....*
  • Dwarves & Beastmen Vs Double Skaven (2k battle) *unlikely allies themed*
  • Dwarves vs Beastmen (1500)
so stay tuned!

ps: I remeber THAC0 as well.

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I liked the Battle report, we don't get many in the Fantasy section!

One thing that did strike me though - you may want to post less rules text next time. You basically explained how every Magic item you took works, which is a little frowned upon by GW and their legal staff.

Loving it though, keep posting! :)

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One thing that did strike me though - you may want to post less rules text next time. You basically explained how every Magic item you took works, which is a little frowned upon by GW and their legal staff.

Oooo. good point. I'll go ahead and fix that as well as adjust for the future. I still like to explain the thought and theories behind my Heros/ Lords...but won't break it down by item.


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Fuck you, I was just about solid about getting WoC, now I'm in a dilemma again, its all your fault Blackspine, for writing awesome battle reports, I hate you to hell and back... :p Now seriously, I really wish there were more players like you, who become the general of their army for the battle in a roleplaying sense, when the Ork Warboss calls everyone a git and even worse things when hes issuing a challenge. Most of the time I play with people who play xxxx pts of Codex 1 vs Codex 2, a game, and not a battle between say Wordbearers versus Ultramarines, a bloody slaughter between once-brothers.

So yeah, have some rep and keep 'em comin'.

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Fuck you, I was just about solid about getting WoC, now I'm in a dilemma again, its all your fault Blackspine, for writing awesome battle reports, I hate you to hell and back... :p

that made my nerdy day.

Yeah, beastmen are fun and I really get into it. I'll post more about their clans and groups etc.

I'll write up 1-2 more reports tonight.
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