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Hello all, seeing a lot of good post on the forum, decided to register and seek some good advice.
The local store in our town is going to host a 2v2 tournament, each player brings 1000 Points army.

My teammate is an Eldar, we are expected to fight a lot of Tau, Orks and IG players.
The game should be objectives based, either eternal war or Maelstrom missions.

My main goal is to roll out and seize mid-field objectives and focus on wiping out enemy infantry, while my Eldar teammate are on Anti-Tank duty and hold home objectives (if there is any).

Given the following models I have to spare, is there anything I can compose for a 1000 point army?

**The following list is the models I have, not an army list**

HQ Choices
1 Captain
1 Liberian
1 MotF
4 Servitors

Troop Choices
30 Tactical Marines
2 Rhino/Razorback
1 Drop Pod

Elite Choices
5 Terminators
1 Dreadnought
5 Sternguards Veterans

Fast Attack Choices
3 Bikes
1 Stormtalon Gunship

Heavy Support
1 Predator

Since the models I have are rather limited, I need to work with what I have, is there anyway I can compose a good list with the models I have?

Thanks in advance!

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Based off of the models here I have come up with this list. (It's not Ravenguard but Crimson Fist.)

(Chapter Tactics- Imperial Fists)

Pedro Kantor
5 man Sternguard


(3) 10 man tact squads vet sgt
- 450


Dreadnaught- Drop Pod

Fast Attack-



= 1000 on the dot

Like I said with the limited number of models this is what I came up with, first you have 4 scoring units all of which re-roll to hit with any kind of bolter (not including special issue ammo). Kantor gives your army preferred enemy (Ork). You put the dreadnaught in the Drop Pod drop it first turn to destroy a priority target, whether it be a tank or whatever. If it survives the enemy round you can do some more damage. The Stormtalon provides air support it has no upgrades but it's workable for anti infantry. With your teammate playing Eldar he should be able to cover your movements towards objectives. It's not a very fast list.
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