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NOTE: the (R) in the title refers to rough.
This was me playing another relatively new young player just fielding roughly what we could.
My list was NOT 850 exactly and I am sure his wasn't either.
We just haggled lists and then had some fun.

Like I said in my previous report... this is part of my Sali log in my signature and please tell me if I have done something illegal, because I am still a newbie.
Something I know we did wrong, because I looked it up after, is we didn't minus the BS from the blast templates scatter... thus making the missile launchers slightly useless... (his thunderfire had a knack of rolling hits on the scatter die anyway so was unaffected.)
I brought

Captain-PW, Plasma Pistol
(really enjoying playing with this guy... the pp is great just before an assault and is still strong enough to hurt... this match's notable kill was a termie. that extra cc attack is nice as well.)

5 Man Tac Squad
(just because I was playing with my troops... was pretty useless shooting/cc wise, but ended up claiming a nice objective.)

10 Man Tac Squad - rhino
(5 Man combat with flamer, sergeant with PF. 5 Man combat with missile launch)
(The flamer/fist squad joined my captain in the rhino and just tore through things... really happy with them)

4 Man Bikes
(haven't found they do much... but they draw fire, maybe I am using them wrong...)

assault cannon
twin-linked autocannon
(so equiped for wysiwyg on my space crusade dread... didn't do badly, mulching sicarus and some marines.)
He fielded

10 man tac, flamer missile split into two combat squads
Dread - mm ccw
Ironclad - cant remember weapons?
5 terminators - sergeant with pw
Thunderfire cannon.
Terrain: 3 Building ruins, bottom right has a tiny 2nd floor big enough for 2 people... and a hilly terrain thing.
Scenario: 3 objectives
Crappy Paint Animation: the black dot rectangles are the building ruins, red dots are objectives. the one in the building ruin is on the 2nd floor.

Deployment: each get a side to deploy on, I get bottom. deploy rhino with Flamer/Fist and captain behind the objective building. other combat is in the building, with the missile and a friend up on the 2nd story for the view.
my other 5 man tac squad bunkers down in the ruins to the left.
(Dread and bikes are reserve)
his deployment put the missile combat on the hill objective, and his termies and flamer squad on the objective in the middle... slightly back to be the minimum distance from my marines. (sicarus is hanging solo behind. using them as shields.) his dreads and thunderfire are reserve.

His first turn... He just wants to camp the objectives... so remains stationary... drops only one marine off the 5 man tac squad due to cover, and scatters the missile way off when trying to shoot my missile. (as said we didn't know to minus BS)
I race up the rhino, jump out 6" away from the terminators and demolish them... shooting 3 died, one to the flamer, one from a hit from the missile launcher on the scatter die, and one from my captains PP...
then assault in and the captain's PW slices through the remaining two before they can attack.
other shooting from the rhino and small tac brings down 2 marines from the tac on the objective.

His2: normal dread comes on, is just in range with his MM and slags one of my small tac marines, his missile hits the rhino... but fluffs its wounding roll.
he assaults into my captains squad with his 3 marines. 1 dies to captain, the remaining two kill one of mine for one back, and then my fist sergeant squished the last one. this means he only has sicarus and the other combat that can score...
My2: My dread AND bikes come on... bikes race up right hand side, just left of the objective building... the dread comes on and lumbers up, planning on drawing a bead on sicarus... my captain's squad walks calmly over towards the last combat squad and shoots down 2. My missile scatters, and small tac bolters bounce off sicarus' invulnerable.

His3: dread and thunderfire come on... ironclad and normal dread both shoot at small tac, but cover saves them and they lose only one. sicarus moves aimlessly around, and the thunderfire rolls hit on the scatter die 3 times outa 4 but only kills 1 bike.
My3:rhino moves and blocks off the dreads line of sight to my battered tac squad who have moved onto the objective, My assualt cannons chew through sicarus in one turn... my captains squad flames, pistols and then chops through the last of his tac marines... claiming the objective...

He realises he has no scoring units left, and graciously gives me the match... which was a good thing because it was getting late:eek:k:

So... 3 turn victory... 3-0 on objectives... (although the dreads woulda hurt the cap and friends... I think)
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