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Well, as far as the Chosen go, I'll comment that each of them you buy so much as one power weapon for is a marine that costs more than a Terminator... and still dies just as easily as a Marine.

The largest, most glaring flaw I see? You have absolutely no way to counter your opponent's Flyrants. You have no AA to speak of, and if he's a good Nids player, he's probably going to have 2 Flyrants--possibly also another forge org for more, or Crones and Harpies. You have no way to contest his dominance on the AA side of things besides, say, snap-firing assault cannons on the Oblits.

I prefer to stick the Black Mace on Daemon Princes, since the DP as a monstrous creature has Smash, which gives all his attacks AP2--counteracting the AP4 that is the mace's glaring flaw.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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