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This is probably my Warhammer Fantasy player coming out, but I get really tired of getting a ton of big guns, rolling dice, and watching my opponent pull models off the table. I think it's boring to sit with oblits and havocs with lascanons and just shoot for 6 turns. It is boring for me and I have never met a player in my entire life that likes to face gun-lines whether in fantasy or 40k.

So I have a list here that I am eager to get feedback about. My goal is to be in my opponent's face on turn 2 with just about my entire army.

Here it goes:


Warpsmith - MoK, Gift of Mutation


10 Cultists
9 Marines - MoK, icon, 1 CCW, flamer, champ power fist
(the CCW is for the marine with the flamer so he can trade his bolter and still have pistol and CCW)


9 Chosen - MoK, icon, 2x flamer, 2x power axe, champ power fist, gift of mutation

Fast Attack

10 Bikes - MoN, 2x flamer, melta bombs
5 Chaos Spawns - MoN
10 Warp Talons - MoN

Heavy Support


Dedicated Transport

Rhino - Havoc launcher, extra armor, dirge caster
Rhino - Havoc launcher, extra armor, dirge caster

2001 points

My strategy is to load up the rhinos and move flat out on turn 1. The maulerfiends would be paired with a rhino to support the infantry once they unload. The spawns would use on pair of rhinos and maulterfiends as cover to give them a save, but they would also be running up pretty fast. The bikers would head up a weak flank and try to use flamers on a heavy unit in cover. The Warp Talons will hopefully deep strike in while stuff is chaotic so that my opponent has tons of targets and cant hit everything in one turn of shooting. It would also be nice to land a blind, but i'm not counting on it. The rhinos have extra armor to help deliver the marines, they have dirge casters to stop overwatch when I charge, and they have havoc launchers so that they aren't useless once they have completed the delivery. I hope to be out of rhinos on turn 2 and maybe even get some charges with spawns and maulerfiends. Turn 3 I want to be in combat pretty much everywhere.

I have kharn because he is a beast. He will be with the chosen so that they have hatred and fearless. I have a warpsmith so that the marines have LD 10, and another flamer+melta to assault. He is also a beast in combat. The cultists are there so that i have another troop choice. They likely wont have any impact, so I don't really care what happens to them.

Keep in mind that everything(except the cultists) that i have can move 12 inches a turn, so i will be running with a reckless abandon.

I know that warp talons are pretty terrible, but I'm taking them because they fit the fluff. That being said would it be better to deep strike or just have them run with everyone else and jump pack 12 inches a turn?

What do you guys think of this list?
Would you enjoy playing it?
Would you enjoy playing against it?

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