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2k Sternhammer Strike Force

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So this is a fun to play list I am going to try out later this week and I wanted to see what the internet thought of it... The idea is to have the stave-wielding Librarian with the heavy bolter to be centrally located to get prescience off on either the missile launchers, the gravguns, or the meltaguns. The other librarians are to run with the vanguard and try to use telepathy with the 1st company task force's leadership debuff.

Battle Demi Company
Captain (155)
-Artificer Armour -Bike -Power Lance -Auspex -Meltabombs
Tac 1 (151)
-9 Man -Veteran Sergeant -Power Maul
Tac 2 (122)
-8 Man -Heavy Bolter
Tac 3 (125)
-5 Man -Meltagun -Combimelta -Rhino
Bikes (114)
-4 Man -2 Gravguns
Devastators (130)
-5 Man -4 Missile Launchers

Librarius Conclave
Librarian 1 (90)
-Mastery Level 2 -Force Stave -Divination
Librarian 2 (105)
-Mastery Level 2 -Jump Pack -Force Sword -Librarius
Librarian 3 (105)
-Mastery Level 2 -Jump Pack -Force Axe -Telepathy

1st Company Task Force
Vanguard 1 (219)
-7 Man -Jump Packs -1 Relic Blade/Storm Shield -2 Lightning Claw/Storm Shields -2 Meltabombs
Vanguard 2 (244)
-7 Man -Jump Packs -1 Thunder Hammer/Thunder Hammer -2 Power Fist/Storm Shields
Sternguard (275)
-10 Man -2 Heavy Flamers -Drop Pod

Devastator Squad (165)
-5 Man -Lascannon -Laserback
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So I played a game with this list yesterday and I won 17 to 9... The maelstrom card gods were in my favor but the list handled quite well. The telepathy and librarius psychers helped my vanguard immensely... Combining the 1st company task forces leadership de-buff with horrify (or terrify, can't remember the name) and psychic scream I was able to wipe out 2 space marine squads with that power alone. In addition to the survivability of the 're-rolling saving throws' power.

The most difficult downfalls were an enemy group of devastators with 4 grav-cannons that stuck in 3+ cover ruins (though I'm not sure what I can do to prevent that from doing it's job). As well as Marneus Calgar with his banner wielding honor guard... That banner prevented my 1st company task force fear shenanigans as well as adding +1 attack to almost half his force!

I guess I'd like some input on what you think of the list, but also what psychic schools do you like/dislike and why... Divination didn't do much for me at all...
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