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OK, so I'm going to give this a try tomorrow...

Inital thought was the replace the Scouts with Speeders, but I don't think I'm going to be playing a tricked out list, so perhaps not necessary... Were I playing something more competative, I'd drop them for 2 typhoons for the added punch....

Much like my "big rock" Termie list, I'm taking a bad idea and trying to reduce the suck by bumping up the other elements in the list (shooty ftw)

Just in case anyone was wondering... the 545 points I have tied up in Shrike and this boys is a bad idea, IMO... but again, the intent is a fun list that "can" be competative... or at least it won't be a pushover...

Here it is

Vangaurd Vets - Sgt with TH, 3 w. Shields, 1 Powerfist, 5 Jumpers
3 TL Autocannon Dreads
2 Full Tac squads + Razorbacks (TL Las) - Sgt has PW
3 Predators
2 x 5 man scout squads with cloaks, Snipers and ML

So, 8 Ranged threats (I'll call it 9 though, one of four missile launchers should do something useful) plus Shrike and the vets are for "fun"

I also toyed with the idea of tossing in a unit of regular jumpers instead of the scouts, but the points weren't really there... also, I just put together another unit of scouts, so I'm kind of jazzed to get them on the field....


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this may sound like a stock answer, but it will depend on your opponent.

i could see this list doing well, but also terrible. your hammer unit is only 5 man strong, and you only have 20 SMs as beefy scoring units. this is not to say you should get rid of your Scouts, but any unit that can get killed by two 5 pt. flamers is not a strong unit.

IMO the biggest advantage you have is your dakka Dreads. i would drop your Preds as they are and inves in another Scout squad (i don't know how the Preds are kitted out; i'm assuming they're basic) or at least another 5 man tact squad with a las/plas Razorback.

i'd drop the TH from the Vanguard for a PW or another Storm shield. and lastly, keep in mind if Shrike joins the Vanguard they cannot Heroic Intervention. you probably know this, but i've made that mistake before when building Shrike lists.

good hunting.

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Preds are auto/las

Also, all 10 Vanguard Vets have Melta Bombs... My hope is to multiple assault with them, or convince my opponent to not depoloy bunched up, then I can go refused flank with the other stuff.... Of course, I'll tell him this before we play to make it more interesting... I don't want to win with a sucker punch.

For the vets, I totally agree... I tend to really like Powerweapons... The other thought was to keep them as ASM then add in a Chappie too... but I thought the SS plus Meltabombs would be more entertaining....

In truth, I'm treating Shrike and his boys as a throw away unit and relying on the massed firepower in the Dreds, Preds and Lasbacks to cover for me... I'm pretty sure I can still make this competative vs. the lists I normally play. Firepower wise, I tend to have more in my 1500 list that most of the folks I play with have in thier 2K... So we'll see if I suffer for my arrogance.... :victory:

The scouts are truly just for fun... Thought it would be cool to have lots of snipers... Plus, I really dig the simple conversion of putting a Chaos Maurauder Horseman head on the Scout bodies...

Regardless, the idea was to make a goof off list and see if I can tweak it to be more competative... I really like the idea of adding in more PW to the hammer unit... but I just don't have the models built yet....
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