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2k point Gunline Chaos

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Prince - 200 Points
MoT, Warptime, Bolt of Change, Wings

Chosen - 190 points
x5 plasma, melta bombs

Chosen - 145 points
x5 Meltas

Chaos Dreadnought - 125 points
Plasma Cannon, Extra Armor, Heavy Flamer

Thousand Sons - 319 points
8 Rubrics, Asp Sorcerer, Bolt of Change, Rhino, Extra Armor

Thousand Sons - 319 points
8 Rubrics, Asp Sorcerer, Bolt of Change , Rhino, Extra Armor

Thousand Sons - 269 points
8 Rubrics, Asp Sorcerer, Bolt of Change
(Sits on home objective)

Heavy Support:
Havocs - 215 points
x4 Lascannons (5 models in squad)

Havocs - 215 points
x4 Lascannons ( 5 models in squad)

C&C please
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I'm on the all over the Troops Aswell, though I think many underestimate the Power over A Bolter With AP3, A Bolt of Change and an inv 4+.
Because, how do you kill Spacemarines? You deny their armour save. And that's where the Tsons have a large advantage over other CSM.
The tradeoff is that they are not very flexible. And they are seriously weakened with the loss of Their Asp. Socc..

Though I like the Tsons, I might also advise you change, not all, but one or two units to something flexible, like previously sugested NM.

The Havocs...
I personally love the Lascannon x4. But It is Very costly and with one squad already, there is hardly need for another. Lots of other things will do, Like Missile Launchers, 2 obliterators or maybe a defiler. The Battle Cannon would add some decisive power to your men, not only would it add good firepower, but Your opponent can never ignore it, so he'll have a hell of a time fighting his urge to bring it down and holding your Tsons at bay at the same time.
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i don't. but i don't underestimate Rhinos or lists that having AP3 doesn't really matter (IG, some Eldar stuff, horde lists). he should be concerned about having only two advancing units. each one will kill a tact squad without much problem i'm sure, but he'd do better with three advancing units.

he will take casualties.
It comes down to prefference, their very limited range forces them to advance, and their lack of heavy and specialised weapons is a shame, to say the least. But, my personal reason to field Tsons, is that they deny armour saves of IG, Eldar, Tau etc. Whom I fight alot. And the Eldar Army has this habbit of hugging their Farseer for the fortune. So the Tsons is a good way to deny that, while the inv 4+ leaves them alive longer than any other marine squad being closed by... Firedragons or the like.

It is my opinion that The Tsons can play be strong link in a flexible army.
I'm in no way an expert in anything though. All units must be played in the best way to Exploit their Particular strength. The Tsons Preform good in short range firefights with risks that you would hesitate to run with more squishy marines.
Nevermind then, I got some replies mixed up. haha

I know of this Mind war, luckily the Socc. has Ld10. So it's a semi fair match.
But a just as lucky Gifts of Chaos on Uldrad is a catastrofe for Eldar.
Those Psykers, they are rather unpredictable unless you go Eldar.
That is the case, If an Eldrad hits a Mind war vs a TSons Aspiring sorc, it's an acceptable loss..

but land a GoC on the Eldrad, and the Eldar player takes a big hit. Worth the risk imo. That's why if i ever use TSons (which to be fair isn't much); I give the sorc GoC.
Yes I know, there is only one rather big Problem ;P

Mind war: 18''
GoC: 6''
Looks Good.

Just take into consideration how to use your Havocs, since 4x Lascannon doesn't really kill hoardes of enemies, not that flexible. But heck, what do you have the Tsons for if not some heavy lifting ;)

Enjoy your future games
Khorne Damn i hate eldar :ireful2:

Luckily my mate that plays eldar isn't a Mind war spammer. Cause being the angry Khorne guy i am, If he turned Khârn into mush, I'd proberbly break the model that did it, and have to buy a new one. :[
My little handful of 'Zerkers are chanting in glee... I think?
Khârn is so bad, I'd love him in my army. Srsly, So baaad :D

But well, my day to day Eldar enemy, spams his Farseer... Fortune, Mindwar and Doom. That's really marine killer stuff >_>
Even Worse he also uses Maugen Ra... Daaaaamn Hiiim!!! If I roll a couple of snake Eyes He can kill all My 'Zerkers in CQC... And He even specialize in range... >_>

Sorry If I Double Post.
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