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2k point Gunline Chaos

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Prince - 200 Points
MoT, Warptime, Bolt of Change, Wings

Chosen - 190 points
x5 plasma, melta bombs

Chosen - 145 points
x5 Meltas

Chaos Dreadnought - 125 points
Plasma Cannon, Extra Armor, Heavy Flamer

Thousand Sons - 319 points
8 Rubrics, Asp Sorcerer, Bolt of Change, Rhino, Extra Armor

Thousand Sons - 319 points
8 Rubrics, Asp Sorcerer, Bolt of Change , Rhino, Extra Armor

Thousand Sons - 269 points
8 Rubrics, Asp Sorcerer, Bolt of Change
(Sits on home objective)

Heavy Support:
Havocs - 215 points
x4 Lascannons (5 models in squad)

Havocs - 215 points
x4 Lascannons ( 5 models in squad)

C&C please
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If you're going for "gunline chaos" I recommend Noise Marines rather than Thousand Sons. Not only do they do a lot more shooting at a much further range, but they're not Slow and Purposeful and pretty good in close combat as well, so if you end up in a situation where the gunline tactic fails (drop pods) you're not screwed.

Also, I'm personally not a big fan of giving big guns to something with a 1/6 chance of shooting that big gun at my own guys. Personally if I want a walker for CSM, I really like Defilers.

Missile Launchers for the Havocs might also help make them a bit more multi-purpose, but you also have a decent amount of anti-horde anyway so that one's pretty debatable. Or you could go for Obliterators so you don't need to make that decision. For how much 4 Lascannons cost they're not that much more expensive, give you multiple options and are harder to kill.

Also if you're going for a shooty prince, don't underestimate the true power of Mark of Tzeentch. The fact that you can take Bolt and the 4+ save are cool, but there's also the fact that you can take a second psychic power and use both in the same turn. If you read what the codex says, it also says that you can only use one shooting power because models are limited to a single ranged attack per turn, but monstrous creatures are limited to two rather than one, so you could probably argue that you could fire both Doombolt and Bolt of Change, for example, as long as they're at the same target. I'm also a big fan of Gift of Chaos, particularly against Eldar or Imperial Guard, where they have lots of very important low-toughness models.
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Oh... you're going against necrons specifically?!

Pushing for thousand sons and lascannons suddenly makes a lot more sense....

One thing to remember though--AP3 weapons DO NOT get rid of his We'll Be Back. It's only CC weapons that would deny armor saves--I.E. Power Weapons and Monstrous Creatures.

If you're going after necrons specifically, I'd switch some of the thousand sons for lightning claw terminators. Another fun way to take down monolith madness is to ignore the monoliths and make the guy phase out, after all. And those Warriors and such are much easier to kill, especially for those who embrace the Dark Gods.

Necrons are a shooty army. Why shoot back, where he's in his element, when you can run up and smack him in his robotic skeletal face, where you're in your element but he is decidedly not?
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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