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I playing a game of planetstrike tomorrow. There are 4 attackers and 4 defenders, we can bring out 2000 points each, totaling to 8000 points per side. The attackers are: 2 CSM armies (including myself), blood angels (all Jumpers) and dark eldar (lance spam). The defenders are 2 eldar armies and 2 vanilla marine armies.

My job is to bring some heavy hitting units to take out a few buildings and clean up infantry. Plus I want to use all of my terminators.

5 terminators: 5 lightning claws, IOK= 230pts
5 terminators: combi flamer, chain fist, reaper, powerfist= 200pts
5 terminators: 2 combi melta, 2 powerfist, heavy flamer= 175pts
5 choosen: 5 meltas, rhino= 175
2 obliterators: 150pts
2 obliterators: 150pts
Abaddon: 275pts
Kharn: 165
8 bezerkers: skull champ, power fist= 208
Landraider: demonic possession= 240 pts

Everything that can deepstrike will. I'll deepstrike abaddon first because he's one model and has an icon, next the IOK termis will strike withing 6 inches of abaddon's personal icon, then everything else will deepstrike withing 6 inches of either of the 2 icons I have down. This way there's no unwanted scatter.

Kharn and his boys will roll on in the landraider.

The choosen are made to bust some bastions

Over all I think it will be fun, comments and critiques are welcome
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