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hey all,

Here is my first attempt at a 2000 pointer for daemons, the army I will be fighting is eldar. Pretty sure there will be an avatar and at least 1 wraithlord, some scatter lasers and almost certainly banshees and scorpions.

Bloodthirster with unholy might and blessing of the blood god
Keeper of Secrets with soporific musk

3 flamers
4 bloodcrushers with fury of khorne and an instrument
6 fiends with unholy might

5 pink horrors with bolt of tzeentch
5 pink horrors with bolt of tzeentch and the changeling
7 plaguebearers with chaos icon
7 plague bearers with chas icon
6 plaguebearers with noxious touch

Daemon prince with mark of tzeentch, flight, breath of chaos and bolt of tzeentch
Daemon Prince with mark of nurgle, flight, iron hide, breath of chaos, noxious touch and cloud of flies

My waves are

Wave 1
keeper of secrets
5 pink horrors
7 plaguebearers
7 plaguebearers
daemon prince
daemon prince

5 pink horrors
6 fiends
6 plaguebearers
3 flamers
4 bloodcrushers

Thanks for reading and for any advice you can give

*EDIT* this is 1995 points
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