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[EDIT: This list has been modified to fit in 1850 pts]

Hey guys I've since re-worked my 2k list to fit nicely in an 1850 game. I'm still using most of the same elements from the previous list I just wanted to bring the list down because I worry about double force org. I also had to remove the Death-leaper for this list but he's been replaced with a Flying Hive Tyrant. (So the option to swap is still there)

1850 "They Will Not Die!"
Hive Tyrant(WARLORD); 2x TL Brainleech Devs, Regeneration, Wings)
Hive Tyrant; TL Brainleech Devourer, Bonesword, Regeneration, Wings)

30x Termagants (base)

Tervigon (Miasma Cannon, Regeneration, Cluster Spines)

4x Tyranid Warriors
1(LW/BS & Stranglethorn)
2(Boneswords & Devs)
1(Scything Talons & Dev)

Fast Attack:
10x Gargoyles (Toxic)

1 x Venomthrope
1 x Venomthrope

Heavy Support:
Trygon Prime (Maw-Claws of Thyrax, Regeneration)

2x Carnifex
1(Stranglethorn Cannon, BioPlasma, Regenration)
1(2x TL BL Devs, Crushing Claws, Regeneration)
The non-warlord Tyrant should fly with the brood of Gargoyles towards a hot spot/weakness in enemy defenses taking cover where he can. The hope is that the Gargoyles will divert some attention away from him.
The Warlord Tyrant will do similarly but he's equipped with the Bonesword as well as a TL devourer in case he gets a shooting psychic ability and I figured the AP3 and instant death rule would come in handy against other monsters.
I've armed the Tervigon with two nice shooting attacks and regeneration as well - I've taken regen on several of the big units in this list just because 4+ IWND is a neat concept and being bothered by not having invulnerable saves I like the appeal of that. The two Carnifex both have regen and that may be a waste but my hope is that I'll be able to alternate their positioning as they trudge up the board and take wounds. The Tyranid Warriors are set up to provide beginning-mid game synapse and a little long range shooting - I also gave most of them CC weapons (mostly because I like the models with them) and I added in a base Warrior to use as a wound tank. I also have a Trygon Prime which I've heard a lot of people say that he's too expensive but I think he's another clever way to bring synapse where you want it AND he has a very nice shooting attack. Not to mention his toughness and how he preforms in CC. The Maw Claws are there simply to magnify that ability.

Just wondering if it was a good list and if anyone might have a suggestion - - I'm still very new to Tyranids but I can tell there's a lot of versatility in this army.
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