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So since the forst themed armys are getting some love I though i'd post up my list idea for a forst theme.

Spellweaver, level 4 (Shadow), Elven steed, 4+ ward, dispell scroll 320

Glade captain, bsb, steed, obsidian trinket, 125

5x Branchwraiths 375

20 Dryads 220

25 dryads, brach nymph 285

8x Sisters, standard 218


All the elves ride togeather as a fast bunker also boosting the sisters to +3 to cast. Level 4 runs as shadow to roll for mindrazor while still being a great lore for all situations. MR1 on the unit to give them a 3+ ward against magic.

Branchwraths should get me all the spells from life aside from throne which has no use, providing a solid healing for the forest. These deploy with the 20 dryads in my wood (venom) to give 5 casters with +2 to cast.
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