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2k empire - trying to decide what to build towards

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Empire – Band of the White Wolf

Okay, Empire is going to be my secondary army for fantasy, but I want to work out what I'm getting before randomly accumulating too much...at least that was the plan before I found a pack of Teutogen Guard. Whatever else I have, a unit of greatswords with huge hammers and wolf cloaks is a sure thing. This gave me the idea of having the army be at least a little Ulric themed, but the problem is that I gather from fluff that Ulric types hate firearms and the like, and handgunners, cannons and the like are parts of the Empire army that I love. Middenheim mercenaries, rather than actual state troops, led by a charismatic but unconventional general who is nominally an ulric worshipper, and accompanied by his rather more pious brother.

Anyway, here goes. Doesn't seem like enough bodies for an empire force, but didn't want the bsb and the general in the same unit, so I ended up with 2 units of knights. Warrior priest is with greatswords, who are the anvil (being both immune to and causing terror helps, and helps a bit with defense given they go last).

Anyway, before I blow too much cash, help!

Lords 457

202 General: Griffith von Eisenstein - pistol, full plate, barded horse, sword of sigismund, white cloak

255 L4 wizard with seal of destruction

Heroes 261

119 warrior priest of ulric (counts as wp of sig) with great weapon and armor of meteoric iron

142 captain bsb with barded horse, full plate, silver horn, dragonhelm

Core 665

175 5 knights full command, lances, steel standard

165 5 knights full command great weapons, banner of eternal flame

180 20 handgunners with full command

145 25 free company full command

Special 499

270 19 greatswords, wailing (howling) banner, full command (Teutogen Guard)

100 Great Cannon

129 5 outriders, musician, champion

Rare 115

115 Rocket Battery

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The thought with the handgunners was that a unit of 10 didn't really have much stopping power given BS of only 3, but then I'm used to repeat crossbows and BS 4 so I'm a bad judge. The risk of the melee blocks being too few had occurred to me. I find myself wondering whether one of the units of knights should be replaced by a block of halberdiers or swordsmen, and the bsb made into a foot slogger to go with them. Dropping the barded warhorse and the unit with the burning banner gives me 179, enough for 24 swordsmen with full command, which the bsb can join. Dropping the standard bearer for the handgunners leaves me with enough points that 2 units of 10 handgunners each has a marksman and musician (to be honest I could ditch the musician but don't really have anything to do with 10 more points).
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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