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So, this past weekend I purchased a couple of older Empire Battalion boxes and four Knights of the White Wolf blisters along with the Army Book.
Anyway, I've written the following list for 2K using this and a few things I already had.

Lords 419
General of the Empire: Runefang, Luckstone, Barded Warhorse
Battle Wizard Lord(Life): Talisman of Preservation

Heroes 260
Captain of the Empire: Battle Standard Bearer, Standard of Discipline
Battle Wizard(Light): Dispel Scroll
Warrior Priest: Great Weapon

Core 809
Halberdiers: 19 men, Musician, Standard, Sergeant (Warrior Priest goes here.)
Halberdiers: 19 men, Musician, Sergeant (Captain goes here)
Hand Gunners: 10 men
Knightly Orders: 7 men, Inner Circle Knights, Preceptor, Musician, Standard (General goes here.)
Knightly Orders: 5 men, Great Weapons
Archers: 9 men (Wizard goes here.)
Archers: 9 men (Wizard goes here.)

Special 390
Great Swords: 10 men, Champion, Musician, Standard
Flagellants: 20 men, Prophet of Doom

Rare 120
Helblaster Volley Gun

That's it. As always, C&C is welcome. This is meant for casual play with friends.

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I actually run a very similar list to this, except with one unit of Knightly Orders, and another Heavy gun.

My buddy plays Warriors of Chaos so big guns are a necessity!

If you play against more squishy guys, I think you have a good list.

If it's something like Skaven or Orks and Gobbos, I would throw in another Battle Wizard to kind of clear quickly.
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