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2k dwarves gauntlet tourny list

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hi i am going to gauntlet in october and i am taking my dwarves i have a rough idea of what i want my list to consist of but any and all help is welcomed here is what im thinking so far

runelord w/ anvil

thane bsb oath stone


20 warriors shield fc

20 longbeards shield fc

2x10 thunderers

20 hammerers fc

2x cannon

grudge thrower

organ gun

this is a rough list as i havnt included any runes the runesmith however will have master rune of gromril and a great weapon and will go with the hammerers that is a definate apart from that its open to adjustments realy c&c welcome
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Hammerers are better than Longbeards.

The only reason to field Longbeards over Hammerers would be to use up the core percentage requirements.

I also wouldn't bother with the anvil of doom - you haven't got any miners, etc, to really take advantage of it. Although it will be good magic defence, you're probably going to be better off taking something else... maybe a combat Lord to go in with the Hammerers to make them immune to Fear and Terror?
I think the only game (in about 12) where my shieldbearer lord has actually died was when I foolishly challenged the Ogre overtyrant, and even then it took him a good few turns to smush him.

His LD10 is also a nice bonus, combined with a BSB re-roll and it'll be tricky to fail any Ld test.
Well, I field him like so:
-runic armour; stone, resistance
-runic talisman; spite
-great weapon

this give him 2x I4 S4 attacks, 4x S6 ASL attacks a 1+ re-rollable armour save and a 4+ ward save.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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