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2k dwarves gauntlet tourny list

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hi i am going to gauntlet in october and i am taking my dwarves i have a rough idea of what i want my list to consist of but any and all help is welcomed here is what im thinking so far

runelord w/ anvil

thane bsb oath stone


20 warriors shield fc

20 longbeards shield fc

2x10 thunderers

20 hammerers fc

2x cannon

grudge thrower

organ gun

this is a rough list as i havnt included any runes the runesmith however will have master rune of gromril and a great weapon and will go with the hammerers that is a definate apart from that its open to adjustments realy c&c welcome
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Hammerers are next to useless. Either take more longbeards, or more warriors with those points. Will you be giving your war machines runes? there isnt much to be said on the basic selection, but that stuff is hard to meess up. But the demons are in the details.
They are useless because with the larger unit sizes in 8th edition their stubborn means nothing. When everyone who has 1 rank more will also have stubborn. So its useless. Long beards with great weapons are a MUCH better choice. Or Ironbreakers.
I field him almost exactly the same as Bishop, except I dont use the rune of resistance. I go for 2x runes of fury and master rune of kragg the grim, for a 1+/4++ and 6 str 6 attacks
quarellers, more shooting can never hurt!
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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