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2k dwarves gauntlet tourny list

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hi i am going to gauntlet in october and i am taking my dwarves i have a rough idea of what i want my list to consist of but any and all help is welcomed here is what im thinking so far

runelord w/ anvil

thane bsb oath stone


20 warriors shield fc

20 longbeards shield fc

2x10 thunderers

20 hammerers fc

2x cannon

grudge thrower

organ gun

this is a rough list as i havnt included any runes the runesmith however will have master rune of gromril and a great weapon and will go with the hammerers that is a definate apart from that its open to adjustments realy c&c welcome
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what makes hammerers useless they are a realy hard hitting unit with staying power they have a good resiliance being stubborn
thanx i totally agree with the hammerers after playing a game with them they are a realy hard unit to get rid of and with the new rules i can actually get the charge on people with dwarves i thought about a lord on shieldbearers to go with the hammerers but the anvil helps me slow down units i dont want to fight early on but i am still undecided on the anvil or lord and shield bearers
yer the royal blood will help as well what runes would you suggest for him and then what else should i put in cos im gona have quite a few spare points if im taking out the anvil
ok this also gives me an extra 114 points im not sure what to do with these i can make a squad bigger or put in 10 quarrelers what so you guys reckon
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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