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Hey there,

this is a list for 2k continued competition vs. a Dwarf general. (so characters are permitted). This General plays favoring gunlines and warmachines. Recently, he brought out the 'Anvil of doom'.
This is our biggest game against each other, so I am 100% expecting anvil of doom, 1-2 cannons and possibly a grudge thrower/ flame thrower.
Here's my list and I will go into detail on the flip side.

2,000 army list (for play on 9/5/10)

Lord: 270

Heroes: 508

Wargor: BSB. Gnarled Hide, heavy armor, Shield. Banner of the True Beast
Bray-shaman, lvl 2: Chalice of dark rain, AHW, Iron curse Icon.
Bray Shaman: lvl 2: Crown of Command, Jagged dagger AHW

Core: 636

Ungor Spearmen: 40 Full command. (potentially 8x5 formation)
Gor herd: 12
*Gor Herd: 12 (ambush)
Ungor Raiders: 10 Musician
*Ungor Raiders: 10 Musician (ambush)
Ungor raiders: 6 Musician
*Ungor Raiders: 6 Musician (ambush)

Rare: 590
Bestigors: 19 (5x4 formation) SB with +1 movement banner
Bestigors: 24 (6x4 formation) SB with Manbane standard (-1 ldr to all enemies in 6")

There's several ideas I'm going with in this army.
My opponent usually has a significant gunline of thunderers, 1-2 warmachines in a 1500 point game. At 2 k, I know that he's going to revert back to this seeing that I've shown him the hard way that to lack ranged firepower is to be hit by a full strength War herd. (and that hurt)

First off the Placement. Kazrak will accompany the larger block of Bestigors, this is the hard hitting punch of the army. With Khazrak's 'scourge' the larger formation and the -1 to leadership, I'm hoping to break the dwarves.
To protect the Khazrak unit, and make my opponent split his fire, the second bestigor (on the other side of the field) herd will rush forward with their increased movement, the ward vs. warmachines and try to engage the enemy as quickly as possible. This faster threat will hopefully draw much of the fire. While I hate sacrificing bestigors, they should survive....especially with the ambushers!

To utilize Khazrak's abilities, there are numerous ambushers. While they are not large units, they are meant to sow chaos in the dwarven gunlines and warmachines. If even 1/2 of these units are able to engage the warmachines / thunderers, my army will reach the enemy very much intact....especially with the Chalice of dark rain unleashed once I'm within charging range/ close range of the gun lines (if they're not being engaged by the small gor herd)

The core of the army is the Ungor spear herd. With the "Banner of the true beast" their strength and primal fury will make them far more potent of a force than they normally are. With the second shaman in the ranks, with the "crown of command" this unit will be stubborn and have some serious staying power. If they can hold and do damage, the bestigors will have free rain. (if Wyssan's goes off on this group, they will be deadly w/ str 5/ t4)

the smaller units of raiders (non ambushers) are screening groups and maybe even to defend versus any flanking attacks. The gor herd of 12, that is NOT ambushing is there to wheel around and hit any flanks or pursue any fleeing units. I realize they are small, but I need to match the ambushers numbers. The more ambushers I have the more likely (especially with Khazrak) to hit home and do the dirty work.

Hopefully this will allow the Bestigors to crumple up the stunty ranks and turn the Dwarves inside out.

My usual strategy is a center of Gors (30 or so) for so many AHW attacks. I'm trying out the cheaper spearmen, who have the laughable 6+ armor save. (plus it's some nice fluff to let them take the brunt of the attacks while their armored brethren run amok)

(i'm a few points over, but it's friendly. If i was to do this tourney, it would be similar, but a few tweaks)

One thought I had, was to replace the two small Ungor raider groups with a chariot for the impact hits.

edit & update. ----1/2 battle report----
We ended up playing 'dawn attack'.
The dwarves have EVERYTHING but organ gun and cannon in their center. These are on the flanks, and as we'll see, it's a bad thing for the dwarves.
Range is the name of the game. Dwarves sport the following.
  • 1 grudge thrower
  • 1 organ gun (RIP)
  • 1 cannon w/ runes (RIP)
  • 1 anvil of doom
  • 2 units of 15+ Hammerers
  • 1 unit of 9 rangers + thane
  • 1 horde of 30 Quarrelers...
now down to 26, (yay for ungor shooting!) and are about to take Khazrak's charge to the face from an unwounded Bestigor unit.

The dwarf general really brought his best.

So I tweaked it and lost a few models from a few units and went for the chariot.
Khazrak failed his ambushes miserably. 1st ambush: 1 then a ONE! double one!
second ambush: 2, then a ONE!!!
Third Ambush: 3 then a SIX (bout time)

The battle is going very very well. My Bestigors are about to slam home, as well as all the ambushing units that ended up in my right flank.... The organ gun and Cannon have been wiped out by a group of raiders. 60ish points winning over 300. Go go ungors.
Ungor raiders have held off dwarven rangers for a round to protect Kazrak's flank while he is about to deal with the Quarrelers. Anvil of doom is making my magic all but useless. I can get one spell off if I roll VERY well.
Chalice of dark rain made a horde of Quarrelers 100% useless one round. 26 shots, not one wound. The remaining grudge thrower was fouled up with a rain of maggots and ichor.
Full battle report later & in depth with pictures. We're mid round three when game had to halt. It's my turn to charge and ruin his formations.

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Goodness, you're really mopping up his lines! Your friend has trouble getting the hang of Dwarves vs. Beastmen, or perhaps Dwarves in general. I wasn't there to see it for myself of course, its just a gut feeling.

At first, when I read the list I thought it would have problems but having read your battle report so far has made me wonder. Did you manage to get some armour saves right for your Bestigors? Did he shoot well? How many lads did you lose on the way to their beard? I'm dying for some input. :)

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40 gors is asking for a bad break check. He's designed dwarves a little too war machine heavy and troop light.

A set of hammerers and a set of Longbeards would have done him far more good than an anvil.

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40 ungors, not gors. They have the BSB within their ranks, so their leadership is pretty rock solid. In the charge that is my next turn, they should be able to slam home into the hammerers before them and with higher Initiative, be able to break their lines.

I've made it through the fire by some measure of skill, some dumb luck and some bad dwarven decisions. The Cannon almost took out the chariot, but luckily, failed to knock off the final wound. I'm glad he chose the chariot over the Bestigors on my R flank.
The ambushing unit of ungors managed to wipe out the unprotected cannon and organ gun. Huge for me. these could have decimated my entire flank if they went unopposed.
Chalice of dark rain really made a huge diff. Not only that, but up until this last turn, the ungor raiders were screening my bestigors, offering him the choice of wasting a whole horde of shooting on 10 guys, or taking long range to out of range shots at my Ungor horde.

I really try to present too many targets for a range heavy teams. Saving some fraction of my army for combat helps. Splitting them well means potentially losing a unit, or just slight losses from all units. So far, multipule ungor raider ambushes have always earned their points and SAVED complete battles for me.

I agree he went overboard on the ranged attacks. The anvil of doom has shut down my magic phase, but it has left his lines too few and too thin. While I stand to lose more to the quarrelers and the grudge thrower, I'm hoping the numbers will turn the tide.

Note: the BSB is in a unit of 8-10 (2 dead) rangers alone on my flank!!! I'm half tempted to throw Khazrak at this unit once they finish off the quarrelers.

more in battle report.

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I like your list. :eek:k: I almost never take the Chalice of dark rain but I am going to have to rethink that choice. Also I am surprised that your 12 non-ambush Gors have stuck around. Perhaps, their survivability is due to the fact they are not much of a threat (compared to everything else!)? Perhaps with this list you could drop the Jagged Dagger and movement banner and pick up a few more Gors. :scratchhead:
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