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2k 13th Company

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Ok, so heres a list im putting together meant to hold to the 13th company fluff. Now im not looking for a real competitive army, but winning friendly games and maybe do alright in a local tourny would be nice. The weapon options were choosen mostly out of fluffiness. i.e. no tanks, termies, lots of wolves, etc. Tell me what you think if theres anything i could do better. So here it is.

Wolf Lord w/ BoR, Dual WCs, FenWolf, MBs, SotWK - 195pts
Rune Priest w/ Murderous Hurricane, Living Lightning, Chooser of the Slain - 110pts

5 WolfGuard w/ 4 WCs, PF - 170pts (Lord goes here)
8 Scouts w/ Melta, PW - 145pts
8 Scouts w/ Melta, PW - 145pts

9 Bloodclaws + Lucas w/ Melta - 295pts
8 Grey Hunters w/ PF, Melta - 150pts
8 Grey Hunters w/ PF, Melta - 150pts

Fast Attack:
4 Bikes w/ PF - 125pts
9 fen wolves + cyber wolf - 88pts
10 fen wolves - 80pts

5 Long Fangs w/ 4 MLs - 115pts
5 Long Fangs w/ 4 MLs - 115pts
5 Long Fangs w/ 4 MLs - 115pts


Figure if i can keep the opponent busy with scouts, bikes and quick moving wolves, i should be able to keep him at bay long enough to tear them down with ML shots, and the guard/lord unit.
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I'd drop the bikes... they won't be more effective than more wolves.

I'd also drop Lucas... he's not 13th company anyway... and it would get you another two squads of Grey Hunters.
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