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2e RPG Hedegefolk stuff

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may be doing a 2e rpg game soon, one of my character options will be a Hedge Wizard/Hedegefolk, who I hope to sideline in to basic Arcane magic before going back to Hedegecraft.

anyway the GM has let me know the campaign she wants to run, I should be able to work my way through three closely related Basic Careers and most of a Advanced one before the campaign runs through the book adventures.

should it drag on due to home brew interludes of extra RP XP I don't want to go Witch, but would like to get some basic Wizard Lore magic from a single Collage, I'm working on a new Trait that is kind of like Witchcraft only coming at it from an other direction, working title is "Wizardcraft" like Witchcraft it lets those with Witchlores learn Wizard Spell of a TN 15 or less but only from a single Lore you need an Arcane Language and have the Petty Magic Arcane to pick up this trait.

the Fluff is this is how Hedge Folk conscripted by the collages hide their Witchlores, they learn Wizardcraft and live out their lives pretending to be Journeymen or lower ranked Magister.
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