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4 x 10 tactical marines
1 x 5 tactical marines
1 x plasma cannon
2 missile launchers
1 multi melta
5 plasma pistols
2 plasma guns
3 melta guns
3 sarge's have melta bombs
695 points

10 x terminators
assault cannon
5 x deathwing knights - relic
730 points

2 rhino
2 drop pods
Land raider reedeemer, multi melta

6 raven wing knights
1 x landspeeder, multi melta
1 x landspeeder, heavy bolter

predator las cannon and heavy bolters
predator las cannons all round.

2,749 points.

So Ezekiel rolls with the deathwing in the landraider (that he'll make invisible??) before popping out with WS6 knights re-rolling misses.

bikes and speeders may be in reserve not sure yet, 20 marines drop pod in, meltas going first combat squadding to take out 2 serpents with any luck. the others arrive with termies on turn 2, locator beacons prvent scatter. the other marines arrive in rhinos. 5 marines sit on home objective hoping for a lucky missle shot against the only flyer. and whirlwind takes care of popped open transports, preds are just there to deal wiith the T8 wraithlords.

this is going against an unspecified Eldar list.
There may be a flyer, no avatar as far as I'm aware, maybe 1 flyer, there will be 2 wraithlords, fuegan and fire dragons, the possiblity of fire prisms.
warp spiders and reapers will feature as well I'm sure.
Although I don't believe there will be a pysker, which may make all the difference.

Any critiques are welcome just wondered what people thought of this list.

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Thats a much better list then the one before, however it got a few problems.
For one, drop the plasma pistols not worth the 15 points, though it is really fluffy :3.

Ezekiel - 145

DW Knights x 7, Land Raider Crusader, - 653
DW Terminators x5, Assault Cannon,Chainfist - 245
Mortis Contemptor Dreadnought, 2xKheres Assault Canons, Missile Launcher ~210 points i dont remember dont have the FW book with me right now.

10x Tacticals, Plasgun,PlasCannon, Rhino-205
10x Tacticals, Plasgun,PlasCannon, Rhino-205
10x Tacticals, Meltagun,Multimelta, Melta Bomb Droppod, Combat Squad-195
10x Tacticals, Meltagun,Multimelta, Melta Bomb Droppod, combat squad-195

Fast Attack____
3x RW Knights, Grande Launcher- 126
3x RW Knights, Grande Launcher- 126

Heavy Support______
Vindicator,Siege Shield- 135
Vindicator,Siege Shield- 135

Without the dread its 2505, so you should have more than enough to field him, dont forget he has skyfire and interceptor, amazing AA unit.
Also you cant combat squad the RW knights, just saying incase you dont know.

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cheers man, I played with the aforementioned this and table my eldar friend twice by his turn 3. Drop pods cut eldar in half. you're right on plasma pistols and melta bombs. I've known about mortis for a long time. But we don't use FW - because otherwise my friend who play IG would have an F**KING field day. Because we're moving past 3,000 points are Vindicators good, (Yes there would be two supported by a tech marine on a bike sandwiched for the 4++)

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that and when I played the eldar list 2nd game, I lost 4 guys. All to my own plasma. ( I was rolling like the emperor himself) I vow not to use plasma. It isn't good. (IMO)
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