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Went over to Kris' place (Justicar Alaric) this time bringing my Orks and a Stompa! Lets see how it went..

Oh a disclaimer, no bitching about taking a titan. For 600 points you can get a lot of melta and dust that Stompa in a single shooting phase!

Oh, sorry about the quality of the pics. I didn't realise they came out so crappy. :(

Orks 'Ead Manglers Lads 2,000 points


1 x Warboss power klaw, attack squig, combi skorcha, cybork body & eavy armour

1 x Big Mek kustom force field, power klaw & cybork body


13 x Lootas

12 x Lootas


6 x Nobz + Painboy w/ Battlewagon 4 x big choppa, 1 x power klaw, 1 x boss pole, 1 x waaagh! Banner, 1 ammo runt & cybork bodies - battlewagon w/ big shoota, reinforced ram & boarding plank

20 x Shoota Boyz Nob w/ power klaw & boss pole

20 x Shoota Boyz Nob w/ power klaw & boss pole

20 x Shoota Boyz Nob w/ power klaw & boss pole

Fast Attack

1 x Deffcopter 1 x twin-linked rokkits & 1 x buzzsaw

1 x Deffcopter 1 x twin-linked rokkits & 1 x buzzsaw

1 x Deffcopter 1 x twin-linked rokkits & 1 x buzzsaw

Heavy Support

1 x Battlewagon big shoota, reinforced ram & boarding plank

1 x Battlewagon big shoota, reinforced ram & boarding plank

1 x Battlewagon big shoota, reinforced ram & boarding plank


Total: 2,598

Blood Angels - 2,600 points


Captain - jump pack, power weapon & infernus pistol

Librarian - jump pack, blood lance and some other power

Honour Guard - 4 x plasma guns & jump packs

Honour Guard - jump packs & 2 x flamers + Champion


3 x Sanguinary Priests - one with jump pack


10 x Assault Marines - 2 x meltaguns & power fist

10 x Assault Marines - 2 x meltaguns & power fist

10 x Tactical Marines - flamer & missile launcher

10 x Tactical Marines - flamer & missile launcher

10 x Tactical Marines w/ Drop Pod - meltagun & multi melta

10 x Scouts - 5 x shotguns & 5 x sniper rifles

Heavy Support

10 x Devastators - 2 x plasma cannons & 2 x lascannons

10 x Devastators - 4 x missile launchers

Game: Spearhead & Annilation


I lost the roll off and Kris chose to go second, which wasn't his best idea. WIth my going first it allows me to get a second turn charge and it keeps his deep striking units off the table. I deploy all my units bunched together getting the cover save bonus from the KFF, which is inside the Stompa. I deploy the Lootas in two large ruins along my table edge, this will give them clear sight of the table.

Kris deploys his Space Marines keeping all Assault Squads in reserve and deploying the single Tactical Squad, Devastators and Scouts. He splits all deployed units into combat squads with the Scouts going into a administratum ruin on the far left using his infiltrate move, thinking about it those Scouts shouldn't have been there because it was Spearhead deployment, ah well. He put the 2 x lascannons and 2 x missile launcher Dev squads in the Shrine ruin while he bunched up the missile launcher combat squad, plasma cannon Devs and missile launcher Devs along with a Priest in a factorum ruin. He then put a flamer combat squad just behind the factorum and the other two combat squads in terrain, after I mentioned one squad wouldn't get a cover save, so he moved the Marines into cover better. I did suggest to Kris that using the Drop Pod isn't a good idea and I'd be happy if he wanted to proxy his Tacticals as Assault Marines, but Kris decided against it, ah well, he'll learn lol.

*Tactical Notes

Kris has only got half his army deployed which means I've got my entire force against half of his, not good for him. Going on target priority I'm going to go for the big bunched up units in the factorum ruin, in there is a Priest, plasma cannons and missile launchers and a combat squad with a missile launcher - a lot of fire power in a small area. I will try and multi assault these units and use the Dethkopters to get a turn one assault and tie them up, hopefully. The Scouts aren't a problem but are a easy kill, I'll send a Battlewagon over that way. Only left to deal with then is the two combat Dev squads in the shrine ruin .

Turn 1

I use my scout move and turbo boost all Dethkopters over towards the big huddle of power armour in the factorum ruin.

Movement I move the Dethkopters closer to the units inside the factorum, I'll tackle the ground floor missile launcher Dev squad first. I move everything else towards the Blood Angels while a single Wagon splits off towards the Scouts.

Shooting the Stompa fires the super gatler hitting a combat squad in a crater, missile launcher combat squad in a ruin, the lascannon Dev squad killing a single Dev, leaving the squad in the crater with a single survivor and the missile launcher combat squad with two survivors. The missile launcher combat squad fails morale and falls back. The Dethkopters fire rokkits into the Dev missile launcher combat squad on the ground floor and possibly manage to kill one.

In assault the Dethkopters charge in taking a single wound but wiping out the Devs and the Priest earning me two kill points.

Angels turn and after some advice to Kris I suggest he bring the Drop Pod in behind the isolated Battlewagon and use the Pod to block shooting from the Lootas. The Pod comes in behind the Wagon landing on target, that's all the movement from Angels.

Shooting the flamer combat squad behind the factorum ruin fire at the wounded Dethkopter killing it. The other two 'Kopters are insta-gibbed by missile launchers. The meltagun from the Drop Pod pops the Battlewagon wrecking it while the plasma cannons and Scouts lay down fire on the Boyz leaving 12 remaining.

Kill points are Orks 2: Blood Angels 4

*Tactical Notes

Ok I expected the 'Kopters to be around a little longer but at least a target it down. What I'll do now is get a easy kill point by using the Stompa to take out the Drop Pod, I'll flank the Stompa around so the KFF becomes back within reach of the Wagons - the Wagons will have to hold out without the KFF but target saturation should help me out here.

Turn 2

In my movement turn I turn the Stompa around and move it towards the Drop Pod. I move the trio of Wagons up moving the Nobz Wagon and another 12" while I move the other 6", Boyz, Nobz and Warboss bail out their rides. Boyz which got popped out their Wagon move into terrain by the Scouts.

Lootas along with Boyz still in the Battlewagon fire at the missile launcher combat squad in the factorum wiping them out. The other unit of Lootas fire at the Scouts but fail to score any kills. The Stompa unleashes the super skorcha at the melta Tactical squad out the Drop Pod and leaves just two remaining, it fires the deth-kannon at the Scouts but that scatters off the board. Boyz open fire at the shotgun Scouts and kill one.

In assault the Warboss and Nobz charge the flamer combat squad and wipe them out. The Boyz charge the plasma cannon Dev combat squad and wipe them out too. The Stompa charges the Drop Pod which it auto hits because it's immobile and because it has a titan c.c weapon I just roll on the damage chart with +2 which makes the Pod explode. The Boyz charge the Scouts and wipe them out.

Angels call for reserves but even with re-rolls only the Librarian and Honour Guard plasma squad come down as a single unit.

No movement from Angels this turn.

Shooting the two melta Space Marines from the Drop Pod fire at the Stompa, one misses the other hits and scores a crew shaken result. Honour Guard unleash plasma fire at the Nobz wounding three of them. The battered missile launcher combat squad which fell back targets the Nobz Battlewagon and wrecks it. The sniper Scouts fire at the Boyz below them but fail to kill anything thanks to cover saves. The lascannons ring out a pop the empty Battlewagon the Boyz assaulted out of.

Kill points are Orks 7: Blood Angels 6

*Tactical Notes

Ok the Stompa is out of action for a turn, but that's not a massive problem because the Drop Pod is now gone giving the Lootas clear line of sight and the Boyz are chasing after the Scouts, not that the Scouts can do anything to the Stompa. I've now cleared out the factorum ruin so those plasma cannons won't be hitting me again and another missile launcher is down along with an annoying flamer, Orks don't like flamers!

What I'll do now is send the Warboss and Nobz against the Honour Guard and Librarian and move the Boyz in the Battlewagon and the ones on foot towards the Dev squads in the shrine ruin. Once I've tackled them it's just down to deal with the deep strikers.

Turn 3

I move the Warboss and Nobz towards the Librarian and Honour Guard while the Boyz on foot move across behind them towards the squads in the shrine ruin. The Boyz in the Battlewagon move 6" through terrain and pass terrain test ok.

Shooting the Lootas behind the Stompa now have clear LOS to the melta Marines and polish them off. The other Lootas fire at the lone SGT whose squad got nailed by the Stompa in the first turn. The Boyz in the Battlewagon open fire and kill the missile launcher combat squad which popped the Nobz Wagon.

In assault the Boyz on foot fail to reach the Dev squad in the shrine first floor. The Warboss and Nobz have better luck and wipe out the Honour Guard and Librarian while the Boyz chase after the Scouts and kill them all.

Angels call for reserves with two Assault Squads along with a Priest touching down behind the Stompa and the Captain and flamer Honour Guard land behind the last working Battlewagon.

No movement from Angels this turn either.

Shooting the meltaguns from the Assault Squads fire at the Stompa and fail to do any damage because either missed of saved by the KFF. The Captain fires infernus pistol at the rear of the Wagon but it out of melta range and only scores weapon destroyed.

Kill points are now Orks 13: Blood Angels 6

* Tactical Notes

Ok I've lost all but one Wagon but it doesn't matter now as the Orks have slayed two Scout units and there's nothing around there to affect them, plus they're in cover. The Warboss and Nobz should assault something soon and the Boyz who failed to make it into assault should do this turn.

My plan now is to tackle those melta Assault Squads because they could really ruin my Stompas day. I'll get the Boyz into assault which failed to last time and get the Boyz out the Battlewagon to assault the Captain and Honour Guard along with help from the Warboss and Nobz. That then should wrap up the Angels nicely.

Turn 4

Boyz on foot move into the shrine ruin while the Warboss and Nobz mvoe through terrain but get a poor roll. The last Battlewagon backs up and the Boyz bail out ready to charge the Captain and Honour Guard. The Boyz which killed the Scouts move through terrain to the ground level. The Stompa turns around and targets the two Assault Squads.

In the Ork shooting turn a unit of Lootas fires at an Assault Squad scornig two wounds. The Stompa unleashes the super skorcha on one Assault Squad and leaves just four remaining including the Priest, it blasts the other squad with the deth-kannon and wipes them out. The Boyz out the wagon fire at the Captain and Honour Guard but fail to do any damage. Other Loota unit fires at the lascannon Devs and polishes them off.

In assault the Warboss and Nobz fail to reach the Captain and Honour Guard, the Boyz charge and lose a few but wound the Captain and kill the Champion and a H.G. The Stompa charges the remaining Assault Marines killing the Priest and two Assault Marines but loses two structure points thanks to the power fist - I suggest to Kris to keep the power fist as the meltagun will only get a single shot and the KFF might make the save but he can charge next turn with the power fist with 3 attacks and possibly do more damage. The Boyz charge into the Dev squad in the shrine and kill a few members of the squad and the Nob slays the Priest with a power klaw.

No movement from Angels again, no shooting either.

In assault the power fist SGT charges the Stompa but fails to do any damage and is destroyed by the titan c.c. The Boyz lose more numbers in combat but all Honour Guard are dead. The Devs are finally wiped out by the Boyz in the shrine.

Kill points are Orks 20: Blood Angels 6.

*Tactical Notes

Just the Captain left, finish him off Warboss!

Turn 5

Warboss and Nobz charge the Captain, Captain is killed.

Orks win with 21 kill points and tabling the Blood Angels.


A interesting game, usually I stay in the Battlewagons for as long as possible but with the Scouts been on there own they are a easy target. The combat squads all in the factorum ruin made it easy to get everything in there and make sure at least something is hit. As for mistakes I should have called a Waaagh! for that unit of Boyz trying to reach the shrine, unless I did and I forgot..:(

Kris' first mistake was his deployment. He deployed only squads on foot leaving his precious meltas in reserve, Orks vehicles hate meltas. This made is easy for me to move about and target half his army with all of mine. I did say to him about the Drop Pod being a bad idea, when the Pod came down it kept that squad isolated and they just got gunned down next turn. If Kris would have deployed his Assault Squads he would have been more mobile and had his meltas from the the start of the game. I personally wouldn't have taken Tacticals either, they do not suit Blood Angels.

· So be it.
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Great battle report! Though, the pictures were a bit fuzzy...
on his side I would have brought tacticals (though less, they are good but not the best for BA), more assaults than he did, a baal or two with flamestorm cannons... hq was good, though he shouldve taken meltas instead of plasmas in the honor guard, he shoulda had 2 ML in each squad and split the other heavies, then split them up to fire on multiple targets...
I dont know orks nearly as well, but your list seemed good. I cant really comment, not enough experience
+rep for showing me what NOT to do vs orks...
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