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2500pts Mechanized Sisters {Order of the Emperor's Grace}

St. Sofia Semyonovna Marmeladova
w/ Eviscerator, Cloak of St. Aspira, Mantle of Ophelia, Jump Pack, Inferno Pistol, Melta Bombs
Inquisitor Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov
w/ Bolter, Close Combat Weapon, Power Armour, Psychic Hood
Eversor Assassin
6x Battle Sister Squad (9 Strong)
w/ 6x Meltagun, 6x Heavy Flamer, 6x Rhinos, 6x Veteran Superior
w/ 6x Book of St. Lucius, 6x Bolter-flamer
w/ 6x Pintle-Mounted Storm Bolter, 6x Smoke Launcher, 6x Extra Armour
2x Seraphim Squad (9 Strong)
w/ 4x Twin Hand Flamer, 2x Veteran Superior
w/ 2x Eviscerator
3x Exorcists
Total: [2500(2500)]

Helpful suggestions appreciated.

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massively tooled cannoness for the win? i'm assuming shes "running" with the seraphim and taking on the anti-tank role... shes a bit point heavy for my tastes. i wouldnt take the grenades if she need's them A, you messed up and she got sucked into the wrong battle and B, if she joins a squad (which you should NEVER NEVER EEEEEEEEEEEEEVER! do!!!!!!!!!!!) the squad has them there for she dosnt need 'em

Eh, I like the idea of a really killy Saint.. grenades aren't bad for flushing enemies out of cover, and i'm not about to waste faith points raising initiative.. For 3pts i'd say it's somewhat worth the price.

personally, the cannoness only needs the eviscerator (or blessed weapon for a non anti-tank version) cloak, mantle, jump pack, book of st L, and an inferno pistol for that added anti-tank "one two punch"

The idea is that I could drop the master craft and throw three books into the VSSs, with angelic visage I wouldn't bother giving the Saint a book. The Inferno Pistol is most useful at 3" range, which is quite hard to achieve without a fair bit of luck, Bolt Pistol ensures I get the shot.

if memory serves me correctly he (the inquisitor) has flak armour... i'd toss on power armour jsut for more stay when he gets shot up... and a ccw? if i remember correctly, he sucks in cc...

Flak armour, yes, just keep in mind the only reason I take inquisitor(s) is for the assassin, so i'd just keep the points low. Personally, I find Inquisitors (Lords) fail at pretty much every battlefield role, so the ccw is just there to take the point cost from 2499pts to 2500pts.

assassin: never tried it... but from my personal experiances they dont always make up their points (well, the vindicare at least never did...)

Vindicare is actually quite good at picking off Low T/Armour Save targets.. Having done the math, the Eversor can take out a squad of tactical marines in a round with a lucky roll (+D6 Attacks on a 12" charge), so i'd say he'll tie up those pesky devestators quite well.

minimum squad size is ten not nine.... the vet should atleast have the book of st lucius (spelling?)

I meant 9 sisters + VSS since the codex states Sister Superior AND 9~19 Battle Sisters.

dig the set up... how ever i'd probally keep both the flamers in a squad and the same for the inferno pistols... they are specialized at what they do then and they do that said job very well...

Sisters are good at rapid fire range, having inferno pistols mean i can shoot the vehicle from which the opposition is disembarking from (and have the flamers touch the troops) then assault the squad, potentially ruining my opponents' day.

pintle mounts on a exorcist? i can undestand that for a cheap ten point "weapon destroyed" roll but you shoudnt ever have enemies that close to theses bad ass missile toting tanks, if you play your cards right they should be more conserned in your seraphim, cannoness and your rank and file SoB then a firing line of tanks across the board (hopefully in cover!)

I agree, however, reality is that gunline opponents won't have to worry about the tanks for at least 1 (usually 2) shooting phases, especially if they back up. I doubt my exorcists will live to see the day.
Just wondering, is there an Inquisitor set-up that isn't a complete waste of points?

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The rosarius is wasted on a Canonness who can generally count on a 2++ save. Same goes for the Litanies of Faith, rarely worthwhile on a Ld10 IC.

Using extra faith points for a 2++ isn't something I want to face often. Litanies of Faith is quite expensive for an extra faith point, so I guess it's off.

There's no point giving an inquisitor a CCW. In fact, Inquisitors are only worth it for two things - psychic hood or if you want an assassin.

I don't care spending the extra point, really, and as stated two posts above, I took him for the assassin.

Your Veteran sisters Superior ought to have Books of St. Lucius. Combi-flamers or Combi-meltas will also pay dividends.

As stated two posts above, will fix. Combi-Flamer/Melta/Other one-shot weapons just isn't something I find overly worthwhile.

Purity seals are pretty pointless for Seraphim. Also, squads of eight are best.

One can always fumble and roll 3 1's, the extra D6 isn't bad for 5pts. Any proof that squads of eight are best?

There's little point in puting a storm bolter on an Exorcist - nobody is going to choose it over the main weapon when picking which weapon to destroy.

I've always wondered about that rule, really, but VP denial isn't too bad for 10pts.
Thanks for pointing out the mistakes, but where on earth does it say squads of 8 Seraphs are best? o_O;;

Edit: Fixed.

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"As for Purity Seals... By any chance would you be confusing fall back with hit and run? If you are, Purity Seals have no effect at all on hit and run movement."

The Codex: Witch Hunters Seraphim entry states “the unit falls back 3D6" in any direction...”. As such Purity Seals do have effect.

"There's no such thing as victory Points any more. And you're willing to spend ten points for a storm bolter, on the off-chance it might save you a kill-point, but you're not willing to spend ten points for an extra Divine Guidance flamer shot every battle? I know which one will give you better value-per-point."

Sorry for still being stuck in 4e - I like playing with the old rules every now and then. Unless you find it possible to calculate the precise chance of the storm bolter saving a kill-point, I find the statement invalid, will try to squeeze extra flamers in though, when you put it like that.

"Also - your Canonness will get much more use from a Mantle of Ophelia than a rosarius."

Personally, I would find that if the opponent was trying to kill my Canonness, he/she would fire more than one T6 shot at her, the rosarius would at least protect her from plenty of horde attacks. I see your point though, using the Mantle with the 2++ faith save.. will try the Mantle at my next game.

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Bloody Eldar... If the bloody Eldar shoot her with enough scatter lasers (and they will) one shot is bound to sneak through even a 2+ save, and that's it, she's dead. It's embarising as much as anything else.

Not Just Eldar though, Strength six is everywhere.
Without faith, sisters really are at the bottom of the food chain, eh?
If you can find the time, could you look over the list again, would like to know if anything else needs to be changed..
I kept the Seraphim squad at the original size, though, didn't really know where to spend the extra 44pts..

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I've also been known to equip my Seraphim with Meltabombs. It gets expensive fast, but Seraphim are your only real chance to take down a Land raider before it gets into assault range... again, not a set in stone choice.
Where did you find the points for Meltabombs? 4pts/model is a little expensive even for a 2500pts list..
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