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Ahhh... *cracks knuckles* we have some complex rules parsing do do here. This addresses two issues I've been thinking about in the past few days.

First, like you say, can Black Legion ally with Crimson Slaughter? Both codexes say they can ally with Codex: Chaos Space Marines as Battle Brothers... but have no mention of their fellow supplement. That said, however, they are told to otherwise treat their allies table as if they were CSM, so I am inclined to believe by the transitive property of allegiance, the Crimson Slaughter can ally to the Black Legion as Battle Brothers using the CSM allies table, and vice-versa. So no issue there, it just isn't addressed and I feel like I need to white-hat rules lawyer pre-emptively on your behalf. You have that arrow in your quiver should somebody take issue with that.

Now, the next thorny knot to chew at. Can you Infiltrate multiple independent characters with a unit when only one of them has Infiltrate? Let's look at the rules:
- A unit with at least one model that has the Infiltrate rule may deploy as Infiltrators (generally interpreted, as we both agree, that an independent character with Infiltrate thereby confers it upon the unit).
- A unit with Infiltrate may not deploy as infiltrators if joined by an independent character without the Infiltrate rule.

I'm inclined to believe that if you add multiple independent characters to a unit, a deathstar of some sort, you have to give them all Infiltrate if you want to be able to lob the unit forward in its usual manner.

In this case, however, it's elementary, given that Cypher already has Infiltrate and Abaddon is priority #1 for receiving it. Were you to lump, say, the Sorc into that same unit as well, or something, you'd have to get a second Infiltrate bonus from Huron. But meh, you have it well in hand.

Another minor concern that you have adequately prepared for: Cypher doesn't take up a force org slot, but Be'lakor is an HQ that must be in one of your primary detachments. So... in your second primary, I assume.

So I agree with you: this list is perfectly legal, in spite of the various tangles that must get smoothed over. It does, however, spend 1265 of its points on HQs or HQ equivalents (*cough*Cypher*cough*). I shudder to think just how much shooting an army like, say, Eldar would bring at this points level.

Still, Hero Hammer hoo-rah! I applaud this list--it looks like great fun, and uses all 4 expansions to the CSM codex, of which I approve heartily.
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