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Hey all, I'm thinking of entering a tournament this August at my local battle bunker. It's pretty clearly meant to be a Storm of Magic promotion, seeing as how one of the stipulations of the tournament is that you must bring a Wizard and a monster. Well, I play Lizardmen, so I guess I'm in luck then! At any rate, I'm interested in seeing what my fellow heretics think of the list.

Now, I'm basing this list off a flyer I received instore, so I have yet to receive a players pack, but for now I'm running under the assumption that we're not actually playing SoM, and hence can't take Scrolls of Binding. That said, in case it turns out we can, then perhaps people could suggest some monsters that would suit my army that I could easily nick from other army books? I ask because my current list uses and EOTG, which I'm quite frankly not a fan of... but I do think is the best monster the Lizardmen have available. I'd love to include a Carnosaur, but unless it's SoM, I'd have to give up my Slann in order to do so. Anywho, let's dispense with the Dilly-Dallying, and get on to the list.

2500pt list- requires one wizard and one monster-Lizardmen

Lords- 420/625pts

Slann with Cupped Hands of the Old Ones, Focussed Rumination, Focus of Mystery and Becalming Cogitation, using the Lore of Life- 420pts


Skink Priest with Level 2, Dispel Scroll, Engine of the Gods, using Lore of Heavens- 415pts

Skink Priest with Channeling Staff using Lore of Heavens- 80pts

Saurus Scar-Veteran with light armour, Great Weapon and BSB-121pts


25 Saurus Warriors with Spears and FC-330pts

25 Saurus Warriors with Spears and FC-330pts

10 Skink Skirmishers with Blowpipes- 70pts

10 Skink Skirmishers with Blowpipes- 70pts


20 Temple Guard with FC and Sun Standard of Chotec-395pts

3 Terradons-90pts


Salamander Hunting Pack with 2 Salamanders- 150pts


I thinks it's alright overall, but perhaps a little bit heavy in the Heroes section. The real questions are: a) What non-Lizardmen monsters would make a better fit than the EOTG, assuming Scrolls of Binding are allowed, as I would very muchly like to pull some points away from the Heroes section in order to put a Razor Standard on to the BSB, and b) What to do with those last 29pts? I'm somewhat drawn to the idea of the Ruby Ring of Ruin on the Slann- some flaming attacks would be nice, seeing as how I'll almosy certainly see some Hydras, and probably trolls as well. It'd be nice to deny regen before I blister them with blowpipes. Banner of Eternal Flame on the BSB is a nice idea as well, but is much easier to avoid.

Other things I'm not sure on- the foot based Channeling Priest- I figured it's be nice to double that models chance of channeling, especially with the mandatory wizards running around. Does anyone think it's worth the points? Anther point of concern- Teclis and his PG star. Does anyone reckon he's likely to turn up at 2.5k? I'm somewhat inclined to say it'd be too expensive, especially with the monster stipulation, but I'm fairly sure this tourney will be uncomped, so you never know. I was thinking of taking a combo of the Trickster's Shard and Bane Head on the foot priest just in case, but that'd mean shifting the BSB on to the Slann, which is a risk that I'm not a fan of...

EDIT: Spoke with the TO today, scrolls of binding aren't allowed. So Lizardmen stuff only.

Got to playtest one of the scenarios today; it was basically pitched battle with monsters and characters earning double victory points if they finished off a unit. I lost by 104VPs, mostly due to my play, but shit Winds of Magic rolls didn't help. To that end I'm thinking I might drop Level 2 on the EOTG, and swap the Channeling Staff for a Forbidden Rod, just in case that happens again...
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