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I play mostly horde armies Nids in 40k and a nasty horde chaos space marine list ^^. For Warhammer I've only ever used Beastmen although I'm so disappointed with their current codex that I've moved onto WoC and considering I've got a ton of warriors why not. I'm thinking of theming it around Tzeentch since its fluffy and also awesome.
Any advice on the use of a mostly warrior army would be appreciated. I'm used to throwing wave after wave of men at my opponents until he develops repetitive strain injury from rolling saving throws.

Heres what I'm thinking:

Lord/heros - 560

Sorcerer Lord - 375
Mark of tzeentch(You might notice a theme here), bloodskull pendant, collar of khorne, lvl 4 wizard and conjoined homunculus.

Exalted Hero - 185
Battle standard, shield, mark of tzeentch, whip of subversion and soporific mask.

Core - 1097

(20) Chaos Warriors - 370
shields, full command and mark of tzeentch.

(20) Chaos Warriors - 405
halberds, full command, mark of tzeentch and banner of rage.

(20) Chaos marauders - 160
full command, shields, light armour and mark of tzeentch.

(8) Chaos marauder horsemen - 162
mark of tzeentch, shields and full command.

Special - 551

(24) Chosen - 551
shields, full command, mark of tzeentch, raptourous standard and a champion with Favour.

Rare - 280
Chaos Warshrine + mark of tzeentch - 150 (Nid Trygon that should put the fear of god in em).

Chaos warshrine - 130


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its quite nice :) always considerd doing one myself :biggrin: it will work my only concern is that you may get flanked easily :( something like a unit of knights would help with this :) and even for warriors getting flanked if dangerous :crazy:

onto the list the only fault i can spot is that you seem to have the favor of the gods twice? you can only have it once.

also may i recomend halbards for your chosen???? you've got one unit with halbards and as far as i see it halbards will become the new norm for chaos, shields/MOT= great suvivabilty, halbards=horendous damage output :shok:

so i guess it comes down to what you realy want with them, great suviabilty or horrific damage output:grin:

hope this helps :good:

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Hey Settra thanks for the post, the only reason there aren't any knights is because the chosen are taking up the special slot although I'll probably swap them for 10 knights every once in a while. I would of had both under 7th edition but in the new edition its just plain impossible.
I've got alot of old chaos warriors but only 24 new chaos warriors so it seemed logical for those 24 to be the chosen. Halberds + frenzy should be fun and I'll see how it works out for me.
Sadly my rulebook won't arrive until the 15th so I'll be waiting a little while longer until I figure out 8th edition.
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