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i'd consider dropping the single Pred for another Vindie. you can try to finagle points by removing the MM from the LS Storm to a HF; LS Storms shoot OK, and IMO it's be better to give the Scout. Sgt. a combi-melta; he shoots better.

lastly, yeah, you're right about the LR, but with a termie Libby, i can't help but think the whole unit would be better without the LR, give the Libby Null Zone/Gate, make him an Epistolary, and add 5 more termies.

if i'm doing the math right, that should leave you with 30 pts. left over, making easier to get that third Vindie....

...good list nonetheless (you're lists are typically and consistantly soid) and I gotta admit i appreciate this list is a pure vanilla SM army. rare thing any more.

good hunting.
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