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Hello Space Marines! After losing a bit too much with the Tau I've decided to come back to the space marines (3rd edition was the last time I played with these guys).

The army is essentially a shooting army, however hand to hand is guaranteed to happen so I do have some fun toys in that department

Chaplin, Terminator Armour, Combi Melta
This guy is going to run with my Terminator Assault Squad Maximising there potential. The melta means is an added safety measure so I can move into charge range of a transport and possibly kill it in the shooting phase, then I am able to assault the occupants at will

Terminator Assault Squad, Thunder Hammers,
Land Raider
One hell of a unit. Raider uses it Lascannons to kill enemy armour then will either exploit a weakness in the enemy lines or begin a counter attack with the Terminators inside

2X Dreadnoughts, Heavy Flamers, Twin Linked Lassconans
More Long Range Firepower/counter attack. These guys will probably spend a lot of time near the vindicators guarding them from threats that are either out of there range or too close to handle.
4X10 Tactical squads, Meltagun, Racket Luncher, Combi Melta Powerfist,
These guys are the core of my army and can do a little bit of overeating

2X2 Speeders, MultiMelta, Heavy Flamer
Down field harassment, but don't ignore them they pack a punch

3 Vindicator
The heavywight punching power of the army anything put in front of them stand a good chance in dying. 24" really shouldn't be much of a problem since my LC RL and MM should take are of most backfield threats. Ill probably deploy them together near the Dreads. Creating an Armoured spearhead that can move 6" and fire all its weapons...that matter

So there you have it!
Now let me know what you think. The tactical squads are really the only thing I'm not sure about but please let me here what you have to say anyway
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