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A for fun only list. it is very fun, bit difficult to play with only 3 troops in 2500pts, its an annihilate only army list. I will never play an objective match using this list. Its beaten my friends tau gun line several times thanks to inv saves and CC skill lol. The 10 termies and thier lord ds in and kill the hell outta shit until the oblits arrive to kill more shit. the chosen act as my terminator bomb generally. they infiltrate in close and pop the termie lord and his ten buddies and the oblits close to the enemy, the noise marines do drive byes and the tsons find a nice place to form a line to shoot shit, the zerkers generally assault and the dread and the defiler go after anything "scary" along with their daemon prince of course.

prince: - 200 pts
Mot warptime wings bolt of change

khorne lord: 160 pts
termie armor mok, combi-melta, bloodfeeder

termie champs: 595 pts
MoT, reaper auto, heavy flamer, x5 lightning claw pairs, x2 chainfist, x3 powerfist

chosen: 248 pts
x4 lightning claw pairs, flamer, champ, IoS (6 models)

Csm dread: 100 pts
x2 ccw

noise marines: 285 pts
champ, pw, melta bomb, personal icon, doom diren, x4 sonic blaster, blast master, rhino, DP

Zerkers: 263 pts
champ pf, personal icon, rhino, DP

tsons: 319 pts
doombolt, melta bombs, personal icon, rhino, DP

oblits -150 pts

defiler-170 pts
x3 dccw, tl lascannon(just in case the battlecannon gets destroyed

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I hate to start on a negative note; But thank God this is a fun list; If your willing to put 600 points into Footslogging Terminators
then only 1 squad of Berserkers (They only work in 2+)

A single Defiler (again work in 2+) WITHOUT 4x DCCW, Never take anything BUT 4x... You keep it moving forwards, firing the Battlecannon, IF and WHEN you lose it; You scream your prayers to the Blood God; and Hurtle forwards- Fleet-assaulting everything!!!

I've never seen a worse use of Chosen- They run best as a suicide squad dedicated to one thing (which is cheaper and more effective to be Melta-cocking)

Your friend's tau, Must be awful. They'd only need to use 2 rail guns to wipe out your ENTIRE Heavy Support. Then just spam kill the terminators (Because your Dreadnought has probably assaulted the side of your Rhinos at this point).

I'd like to help more, But I just don't see any chemistry in there at all, nothing working with each other, nothing. And it's friendly, so who cares really.

:laugh: have Fun.
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