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2500 pts High Elves - Magic Heavy

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Hey all. Here is an attempt at my first High Elves army. Let me know what you think. I am going for magic heavy.


- General
- The White Sword (+2 Str, Killing Blow)
- Armour of Caledor (Dragon Armour, 2+ Save)
- Talisman of Saphery (Negates Magic Weapons in B2B)

Archmage (Lore of Life)
- Silver Wand (+1 Spell)
- Obsidian Lodestone (MR 3)


Mage (High Magic)
- The Seerstaff (Choose Spells)

Mage (Lore of Fire)
- Jewel of the Dusk (+1 Power Dice)
- Obsidian Amulet (MR 2)


Lothern Sea Guard x24
- Full Command, Shields

Archers x14

Archers x14


Pheonix Guard x15
- Full Command
- Banner of Sorcery (+3 Power Dice/turn)

Pheonix Guard x15
- Full Command
- Banner of Arcane Protection (MR 2)

Swordmasters x21
- Full Command
- Banner of Swiftness (+1 Movement)

2500 Points

Prince goes with SM. Archmage with LSG. One mage with each PG.

Questions: Do I need RBTs or Eagles? Am I light on core?
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Or, you know, you could not take Teclis, and be someone who doesn't hate fun. There's more to these games than going "ooh shiny named character!"

I like the list overall, but I do think three mages are a bit excessive. You won't have enough power dice to cast everything.

I'd also consider what formation the units will be in. You don't want stragglers in the back-- try to keep even ranks. If you have a unit of 16 (once you put the characters in their units), the only way to have even ranks is to have two that are eight-wide, and that's not necessarily a good way to run them. The reason stragglers are bad is because anybody with a war machine will hit an extra model when they shoot the unit, whether it be from a bolt thrower or a cannon ball. There's no reason to just feed them the extra casualty when he doesn't contribute anything to the army.

I don't think there's anything wrong with the Swordmasters, either. I actually prefer them to the White Lions, particularly in this edition. While White Lions are more resilient against shooting, the Swordmasters have two attacks which each hit roughly 75% of the time, at one less strength. S5 is enough to still wound most stuff in the game on 2's, and the stuff that isn't wounded on a 2 with S5 is still going to be hurt by it purely because they won't be in large units and S5 chews enough of their armor out that you'll cripple the unit. I've found I'd rather have more lower-strength attacks (especially when 'lower' is such a relative thing when you're dealing with S5 vs S6) purely because the unit is better able to handle any foe, rather than specifically being good against things like heavy cavalry and armored infantry. If that doesn't do it for you, then the fact that the Swordmaster models are far cooler, in my opinion, than the White Lions, ought to.
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